Shopping at Shilla Beauty Changi Airport

Shopping at Shilla Beauty Changi Airport


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So a couple of weeks back, I was invited by Shilla Beauty to do a little shopping at Changi Airport – not at the actual departure lounge, but just at the check in counters, where it is easily accessed by anyone, even if you aren’t flying off somewhere.   You get to enjoy some duty free shopping (granted the shops outside doesn’t carry all the brands that you can find inside the actual departure lounge, but you do get to enjoy some great travel exclusive shopping deals anyway).

There is something about shopping before your vacation actually starts.. you are in a good mood, the prospect of a holiday and also the general sense of ‘feeling spendy’ make one more inclined to shop.  I know I like to check in early to browse the duty free section, check out some beauty bargains, grab a magazine, just general lounging before actually boarding.

So recently Shilla Beauty revamped its’ store at Changi Airport Terminal 2, and I was invited to check out the new space – which consists mainly of perfumes and a selection of Korean Skincare brands.

At Terminal 1, you will find History of Whoooo and Belif, while at Terminal 3, you get Laneige and Sulwhasoo.

Let me show you what I got for myself at the shops on that day.  I have managed to try out everything here – some are new, mostly are old faves though.  I will also share with you some shopping deals that you will get to enjoy at the end of this entry.

Here’s an overview of my haul – a total of about $250 was given to me to spend by the kind folks at Shilla Beauty.


I didn’t exactly need another perfume, but I was keen to see what I can find at Sulwhasoo – and I got myself the Gentle Cleansing Oil – I can always use another cleansing oil in my stash – it is a staple.  And I have used this several times, it is very gentle indeed, and smells so good – like all Sulwhasoo products, that luxe herbal scent.  It removes my makeup effectively without stripping my face of moisture.  I think this retails for about SG$50+ for 200ml.


While we are on the topic of cleansing, my next choice is a Deep Cleansing Foam by Tony Moly – I think this retails for about SG$10.  It is a rather exfoliating deep cleansing foam that leaves my face feeling super clean and refreshed.  I have used it a few times, and I do like how it is very foamy and removes all traces of dirt and makeup.


Next, I picked things that come in pairs – hand cream, BB cushion and perfume!  This is the great thing about travel exclusive shopping, you get bundles and sets that aren’t normally available at city retail places. And these sets are often super great value for money, you get a set, you can share with your friends or family.

I got the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream Duo – a set of hand cream – this is great stuff, it is easily absorbed into your skin, and doesn’t feel greasy at all.


Then I got the Flower by Kenzo duo set – a pair of 30ml EDT.  This retails for about SG$60 really great deal.  Flower by Kenzo is probably one of my all time fave floral scents.  It is very distinctive and nostalgic to me.  I used to wear this when I was in my late teens, and reminds me of that era of my life.  Hahaha.  Even my mom when she saw the bottle, she remembered this scent.  I think Flower by Kenzo is one of the most iconic perfumes around, it is one of those that everyone will somehow remember.  So I am happy to re-introduce this back to my collection.


Lastly, I also got a duo set of the Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Duo -this one comes with SPF50 PA+++ and gives impressive coverage.  I have a detailed raving review about the Evenfair Perfecting Cushion on the blog – link here. 


That’s all I got during my little shopping trip, but here is sharing some great deals for you:

Changi Rewards cardholders will get 7% off GST absorption – so if you are a cardholder, you enjoy GST free shopping.

Shilla’s Terminal 2 store stocks fragrances, skincare and Korean brands – you can also purchase and stock up on your fave Korean skincare masks at this store at Terminal 2.

And from 5 November, you can get a free UGB 5pc mask pack worth SG$55 and a voucher with SG$120 spending.  Changi Rewards members get  it with SG$100 spending.  Follow for updates!

I hope that you take advantage of this offer the next time you are at the airport, whether it is pre-flight, or to send off someone, or just to soak in the airport vibe in general!

Thanks for reading this entry, and I hope to resume blogging in the next few weeks!