Fave Foundations Chat [Dec 2015]

Fave Foundations Chat [Dec 2015]


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This is an entry discussing my recent favourite liquid foundations.  I haven’t been posting single foundation review in ages, partly because I have so many to try out, and also partly because I have not had the chance to properly really blog.  And as I am typing this, I realise that I forgot one more foundation which I want to mention… dang!  I will try to insert a pic somewhere in this entry! So this entry will be a comparison, and why I like each of these foundations.   And I do apologise in advance there will be no detailed application, before/ after pictures, it’s all going to be textual and very little visual.  But if you want to see how these foundations look on me, most of the time they would have been mentioned/ featured before on my instagram – when people ask me what I am wearing, it is almost always one of these foundations.

One thing good about doing such a round up also means that I have been using each of the products for several months, and I really have a good idea of how they perform.  To be honest, not all these foundations here gave me a good first impressions, hence the reviews have been taking slower than usual.

I have discussed and reviewed the Too Faced Born This Way foundation in this entry here at my onsugar blog – so click here to read my thoughts.  It is one of those foundations that I used and liked on first try.. and til today it is one of my go to, especially if I want a full coverage all day flawless foundation.

First up, we have the NARS All Day Weightless Luminous Foundation – I use mine in the shade Deauville – this is one foundation which I thought I like a lot upon first try at the preview.  It went on so weightlessly and gave impressive coverage.  However, when I used it at home, it seemed kind of hard to work with, and when I used too much product, it seemed streaky, and so after a couple of tries, I put it away.  But fast forward a couple of months later, I somehow went back to this foundation.  I must have rediscovered it when I was going out in the evening and felt like using a foundation without any SPF.  I had prepped my skin and a little dab of this foundation gave me smooth flawless coverage the whole evening/ night.  The next few days, I used it in the day over my sunscreen, and I was using it as a ‘coverage’ builder, meaning I only used a couple of drops to add coverage to my face.  I found the finish to be a soft matte finish, it is not that luminous as you would expect from the name.  But it is indeed long lasting, and a tiny bit of the product goes a long way.  It is best applied with your finger tips, as using a brush would mean soaking up too much product which you don’t need.  If you are used to using a brush for application, I would suggest dotting this all over your face first, and then use your brush/ tool to blend it out.   Overall, this foundation wins for lasting power and its super lightweight formula.

Secondly, we have the MUFE Ultra HD foundation – I use mine in the shade Y255 – it is a good match for me, which is a miracle as I just eyeballed my shade from online swatches and this foundation comes in a myriad of skintone shades.  I find this to be an improved version of the old MUFE HD foundation.  It seems lighter in consistency.  When compared to the NARS foundation, this is a bit more emollient, and less pigmented.  It is buildable from light to medium coverage, and it really photographs well.  In terms of lasting power, I think this lasts me a good long day (8-10 hours).  The finish is smooth with a subtle glow – a tad more radiant looking than the NARS foundation.  I do have to blot once or twice throughout the day, but nothing super shiny.  If you are still hesitating about this foundation, I do highly recommend it, and be sure to pick a shade that matches you.  This is one foundation I was excited to try/ revisit (after my average experience with the original HD foundation) and I must say, I am not disappointed.

Thirdly, we have the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation – mine is in the shade 04.  I have this foundation forever, and only recently started using it again.  Compared to the other foundations in this entry, this is not one I would reach for if I know I would be out and about in the humid weather from day to night.  It will good look for a good 6 hours, but after that, you will find that you need to touch up/ blot your face.  It has a nice natural glowy finish with medium coverage.  But if you want a night time foundation, this is a great one to have.

Lastly, we have the MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof foundation – mine is in the shade NC20.  I have been using this foundation since June.. and it is my go to when I travel.  It is in a squeeze tube and thus travel makeup bag friendly.  Unlike the other foundations mention in this entry, this has the thickest consistency, kind of like a BB gel cream texture.  It is very comfortable to wear, and has a natural  skin-like finish.  Not matte, not glowy.  It is very long lasting, another plus point when it comes to travel makeup.  Again, I like to apply this with my fingers and working it into my skin.  It has a medium buildable coverage.  I have not put its waterproof properties to the test though.

One thing all these foundations have in common though, with the exception of Born this Way, they do not contain any SPF.  Which makes them great for evening/ party foundations this festive season. I usually have my makeup on from day to night, so applying a sunscreen is a must before I apply the foundations.  I find that all of them work well with my sunscreen base, I don’t usually apply any skin primer and they all last well on their own merits.

I would like to chat about my fave sunscreen/ sunscreen base soon.. stay tuned!

Hope this entry is not too belated, and gives you a good idea of what to shop for if you are looking for a liquid foundation!

Thank you for reading!


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