The Current Ramble [Dec 2015]

The Current Ramble [Dec 2015]

Hi hi!  Somehow felt that an update entry might be appropriate, given how much I have neglected my blog… I often find it easier to have the words flowing after I have gone through the pictures selection, so here’s a quick update of my crazy November and December.  Click on each picture for caption of the relevant event/ significance!

November has been nightmarish, and I was glad when it was over.  Everyday seemed to be packed with year end work, day after day, such that it felt even more hectic than the usual work days.  I was glad when November came to an end, and somehow December might bring better days.

The start of Dec has seen more leisurely yet purposeful days as my friends and I did a part time job in which it was somewhat fun and well-paid.  Some of you actually recognised me while I was on duty, so that’s kind of funny.  🙂  I am also obsessed with BYREDO perfumes, and I see myself purchasing  more and more as time goes.  I am also obsessed with my new MIU MIU shades, and I can’t wait to rock them asap. And all the other mundane details of what I am up to, if you are following my instagram, you will get a glimpse, so I shan’t repeat myself here.

There has been something which I have been thinking of especially so this year.  Because, if not this Dec, then when?  Time is a constraint for me, so I decided to take the plunge this Dec.  Hence the lack of travelling, and also might explain why there might be fewer LOTD type entries on this blog in the next couple of months (okay, I admit, not like I have been posting regular LOTDs on the blog anyway… but it’s all a vicious cycle, read on read on, you will find out why!).

I am not sure how much I want to share with everyone on the blog.. but I will say this, I have gone for an eye operation last week (15 Dec) and it’s called upper eyelid blepharoplasty – to put it simply, one of the effects of this procedure is to give the appearance of double eyelids.  I have double eyelids, but they are often considered ‘internal’ – ie , not very obvious.  On top of that, over the years my upper eyelids have become more and more hooded, such that I find the shape of my eyes have been somewhat warped due to this hooded factor.  It might be something that only I would notice, but it is enough for me to try to explore my options.  No amount of eye cream or eye massage would ease the issue, so going under the knife is my next best option.

I booked in an eye consultation, and I picked my doc (I shan’t mention where in SG, but it is sooooooooo legit, you can’t find any place that’s more legit – if you want to  know, you can always email me to ask) and from the first meeting, I felt at ease in her hands, and I know she knows what she is doing.  A date was set, and all I could do was to get up with my crazy Nov, and wait for the op date.  I have to admit that I could have done more research, asked more people who knew better, but I was secretly afraid that the more I know, the more I would be adverse to going through with this.  Only my close circle of friends knew I was doing this, and they supported me, and that’s all I needed. I knew what I wanted, and I felt that I have found the right place and the right doc to do it for me. I just wanted to rid my hooded eyelids, so that my own eye shape is restored, and also in the process my double eyelids more pronounced.

The op day came, and my sister went with me.  It was in a full OT with several nurses, two anesthesiologists and finally my doctor. It was a surreal experience as I was resting under the IV, I was sedated yet my mind lucid. I was able to open my one eye after the doc was done, and able to see the results of the op immediately afterwards. But yet, I did not feel any pain nor discomfort.  I felt that I was in the good hands of the whole team throughout the op.  All my earlier fears and apprehension were put to rest.

Right now, it is almost a week after the op, and I am recovering well.  I could not apply any makeup, and I have to wear my glasses. But I was able to resume most activities a few days after my op, except that I couldn’t go for my usual running til two weeks after the op. I am glad that I went  through with this, and if you see some differences in my eyes in the next few weeks/ months ahead, you know why.  I have no qualms about sharing this, but yet I won’t be sharing the full morning glory details of the who what when what, after all this is my personal choice.  Hence, no pictures on the blog to document my recovery process, and you will only see pictures later on when I post other makeup related pictures.

Thank you for reading!