Meet My NARS Pro Palettes

Meet My NARS Pro Palettes


Hi hi!

This is the story of my NARS Pro Palettes and a few things I learnt while going through my collection.

I had the palettes purchased directly from NYC (big thanks to Julyen & Celeste) and they are very reasonably priced.  I picked the smaller of the two sizes available… and let’s just say, I am very determined to keep all my stuff into the five palettes.

I had previously already depotted most of my sticky NARS blushes into a huge MUFE palette.. but like all makeup junkies.. it just seem like such a travesty to place NARS stuff into another brand of pro palette, and while I could easily put them into the generic (read: brand neutral) Z-palettes -they were a bit hard to get online. I guess it is fate that I am meant to wait, because in the past few months that I know that the NARS pro palettes are available, I know I have to get my hands on them somehow.

The palettes are very light and sturdy and comes with a magnetic base.  There is no mirror inside to add extra weight, and the material is a solid cardbox type.. the NARS logo is huge and emblazoned on the outside and inside of the cover. The material has this ‘saffiano grainy’ finish if you know what I mean, and is easy to wipe clean – trust me, because in my arranging of the pans in the palette, some powder fell on to the palettes and I cleaned off all stains easily.

So, if you can get your hands on these pro palettes, and if you have own a ton of NARS stuff like I do, you can now transfer your collection into these palettes.

Now let’s talk about my depotting process and what I learnt during this whole business:

  1. I used the flatiron depotting method – it totally works for the smaller pans – blushes, single e/s, duo e/s.  But not the bigger blushes.  We will talk about the casualties in a bit. I won’t go into the details of how the flatiron method works, because there are a ton of such tutorials online that you can find.
  2. I was merciless ie, I tried to depot only the colours which I would use.  This especially applies to the eyeshadows – some of the items from my collection were purchased many years ago when I was more adventurous with eye shadow colours – remember my NARS China Blue eyeshadow smokey eye tutorial?  And a few other bold colours which I know would just take up space in my new pro palettes.  So I have a stack of such colours which are now in my giveaway pile. They deserve better homes.
  3. There were casualties.  I am not gonna lie, I had to toss a few products that died during the depotting.  Manchurie duo, Rotende blush..they crack under the pressure, literally.  I did not bother savaging these, as I still have a ton of other stuff to use.  Though my heart saddened a bit at the moment I tossed Rotende away.  It is beautitful and it is Limited Edition.
  4. Depotting means you can arrange the colours in a way that makes sense to you.  I had fun re-arranging the duos – they are all over the place, not next to their ‘partners’ anymore.. but they look darn good in the palette.
  5. No more sticky pans.  I am so happy to throw them away.
  6. Right now, I just have a couple of new items (when I say new, I mean they aren’t even launched yet) and some back ups which I won’t be depotting soon.
  7. Depotting saves you a lot of space.  My NARS drawer can now breathe.  The palettes are so sleek and flat!
  8. One nagging thought: Would I forget about using them now that they are in palettes? I have used up quite a few NARS blushes because they are in their pans and I just leave them around.  Now that they are in palettes.. I am not too sure.  I must continue to leave them somewhere accessible.  Right now on heavy rotation for my cheeks is the World Domination palette from a couple of years back.

All in all, this has been a fun project, and I am glad that everything is organised and sorted out.  It also got me purging stuff which I have been hanging on to, so that’s always a good thing.

I have another NARS entry, and EXCITING stuff coming up later this week. Stay tuned!

Hope this has been a fun read for you.


Thanks for reading!


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