Ramble: When your workout gear is on point

Ramble: When your workout gear is on point


Hi hi!!

This is one of those entries which I have been mentally composing for a few days, and while waiting for my camera battery to be done charging – so that I can take some pics for this entry – I shall start the ramble first.  I know some of you do enjoy my rambly posts about random stuff, so without further ado, I shall start!  🙂

This will be a workout themed entry – shudders, I know, and I do want to use the term ‘workout’ loosely because:

I don’t think I am a fanatic

I don’t want to come across as preachy

but I would like to think working out is something that is part of my lifestyle in recent years, I do more when I can, and I don’t beat myself up if I only manage a session or two in a particular lackluster week.

In the past couple of years or so, I have been running – and again by running, my speed is not exactly that fast.. I would say I average around 35-40 min per 5km.  I track my runs with my Nike+ app, I don’t really do the whole heartbeat tracking or whatever, I just try my best to clock in 3-4 sessions a week.  And with that, comes the workout gear, and if you follow me on my social media – I prefer to wear only NIKE, LULU LEMON and h&m t-shirts.  I enjoy the comfort and fitting of all my NIKE flyknit 4.0 shoes and epic run tights, my LULU crops (I like the Wunder Under crops and in the Flow crops), and also my h&m men’s dept grey tees.


I am boring when it comes to colors – all my workout stuff are monochromatic – which is good when I have no time to pack my stuff, I just grab any top and bottom and they won’t clash.  It is a frivolous factor to consider, but for me… whatever that gets me motivated to workout, is important enough.

I also started yoga with Mabel (follow her on instagram @mabesyoga for a ton of inspiration!!) late last year.  Together with a group of my friends, we began our yoga journey with Mabel who was then undergoing YTT and we were her test students, it was a “win-win-win-win all kinds of win” situation, she got to practice her craft, we got introduced to a new workout with a familiar face, we got to spend quality time working out, the benefits are endless and long-lasting.  So much so that we are now committed to re-starting our yoga sessions with her next month, on a more structured programme than before. Seriously, for me, that was my greatest health & well-being discovery last year.  I was secretly intimidated by the idea of yoga (I think I am too inflexible, too fat, too weak, too everything) but all the introductions to yoga classes (flow classes at FF with Amy & Kim, and yoga classes with Mabel) last year really opened my mind to trying it out, and now I can say that it is something that I enjoy, I am still getting the hang of everything, and I am not good by any means, but I am proud of my little progress so far, and I am happy to keep going and improving – which is really the most important.


And with yoga, comes another round of workout gear browsing, suddenly, tanks and longer tights came on my radar, and now I can almost never leave Lulu Lemon without buying something.  I like to check out their sale rack every once so often, cos I get to save $20-30 off a pair of long tights… I am just glad that I only stick to my monochrome colour scheme, so there are only so many options available to me.  Also, I only prefer a certain type of fabric.. those which are rather thick and stretchy (not those smooth Lycra type..) you got to feel them to appreciate them.  My fave style of tights are the Wunder Under high waist/foldover – those cinch in your tummy and waist, make you feel compact and fit. I also tend to wear long tights for yoga because I like how my legs are ‘hugged’ and it feels better when I do my stretches and downward dog.  The crops are better for running because I just need my thighs to be ‘hugged’ during movement while the long ones might get too warm. And because mine are all so grey and chic (lol) I don’t feel weird wearing them out, throw a sweater over and they can also double up as comfy warm travel outfit.  My friends and I can go on and on discussing about our workout clothes.. and shopping together with them can be a dangerous thing… cos we will come up with the most ‘reasonable’ reasons to buy something new.  And dare I say, I am more excited getting a new workout clothing than getting something from Zara or Sephora.

[disclaimer though] I don’t think anyone needs to spend a bomb on workout gear.  The gear is just the gear.  What matters most is your desire and discipline to KEEP DOING IT.  No point in buying fancy shiz and only have the interest fade away after a couple of sessions and/or letting lame excuses take over your life. Anyone can start working out/ exercising in whatever suitable comfy gear they like.









One of my go-to bags, Festival Bag, I have it in the striped pattern too, but I cannot pass on this one with the neon strap.  I am thinking I need a plain black one too!

Of course spending all that moolah on workout gear is not all just for that one single session of yoga a week for me.  These days, my running frequency has dropped to about 1-3 times a week.  But I am increasing my yoga frequency to about 3 -4  times a week. Twice on weekday evenings, Twice on weekend mornings.  Because I now have some basic idea of yoga, I signed up for K-Fit (again, thanks to Mabel for introducing it to us), I paid a flat sum each month, and I have access to 2000 over workout sessions, ranging from gym facilities to yoga/ Pilates to kickboxing classes. But I only stick to yoga sessions, and I think after trying out 3-4 places, I think I have found a good mix to rotate and practice for each month.



As I am still quite new to the practice, I stick to the basic classes available on K-fit, and also some of the gentle flow classes.  These are good to keep me practicing, while I will have my regular session with Mabel to work in a more precise and focused manner. Overall, I find this a good balance of practice and learning. Clearly, I am not sponsored in anyway, and you know me long enough, I just really want to share what really works for me, not because I am trying to promote XYZ fitness programme just because I am paid to (like some bloggers out there, you don’t see them working out, and all of a sudden, they are paid to mention some gym, or appear on some show, or endorse some event…. it is sooo zzzzz cos it is soooo not them, but they have to say it cos they are #sp #paidtoblogaboutit bullshit).   It is totally fake, totally fail, and totally insulting to those people who really take fitness seriously, if you ask me.  Again, I digress….

So, this whole K-fit thing is really quite legit.. I think there are similar fitness apps like K-fit (passport? guava pass?) so do consider these as they give you some flexibility and also options to explore. Or like me, not sure where to start and not sure if you are ready to commit to one place.

So just to sum up my current fitness ‘routine’

  1. yoga: 3-4 times a week (mon, tues, thurs, sat and/or sunday)
  2. running 5-10km: 2 times a week (usually wed and/or sunday evenings)
  3. eating: I try to eat clean 70% of the time
  4. massage & accu: yes I am still continuing! I go on Sunday mornings.
  5. juicing: yes! I try to go a juice cleanse every 3 months? These are pricy, but a good kickstart to my system.
  6. FRIDAYS are FATDAYS… I mean… TGIF…so I just have a good time on Fridays.

Again, I just want to stress that I am no fitness guru, I am just a normal girl trying to get my ass moving, I have blah days when I just want to lie in my bed and do absolutely nothing, the struggle is VERY REAL. I hope that my sharing is useful…I am going for my first mass run (shock horror, and I guess that’s why they say never say never) but it is just a 6km run (and truth be told, because I am signing up with my sister as a pair and the race pack is too cute).  I highly doubt I would take part in future mass runs.  The idea of waking up at unearthly hours, slap on a running tag, and jostle for space to move forward really isn’t my idea of fun.  I reckon I am still anti-social when it comes to running.

I have a few beauty entries coming up soon, a foundie entry, and maybe a round of current faves to share with you.

That’s all I have for this entry, I think… and thank you for reading!  Do share your fitness tips and stories with me in the comments below!



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