Review & Application: Shiseido Synchro Skin Foundation


Shiseido will be launching a new foundation – the Synchro Skin- and I have been trying it out for the past week, and I will be sharing with you my thoughts on it – spoiler alert, I love it which explains why a review is necessary & timely.

Some technical information about the features of the foundation:

It is a foundation that synchronises (like the name states) with the wearer’s skin type to deliver the most naturally flawless finish. Shiseido imagines a foundation that would appear differently on every face – adapts to each skin tone and recognise skin conditions – makeup that is able to synchronise with the skin’s individual’s qualities, beautifying it instead of covering it up.

The result is the ultimate alliance between makeup and skin.  A foundation that draws out the skin’s natural vitality.

The technology is unique

  1. synchronise with skin condition
  2. synchronise with skin tone
  3. texture that comforts – thanks to the airy cushion formula
  4. ingredients that soothe and support the skin

Comes in 12 shades, from cool reddish to neutral to warm tones.


Here’s a swatch of the foundation – I use around 1.5-2 pumps each time for a decent full-ish coverage.  I can get away with 1.5 pumps if I want less coverage.


Here’s the application – like most foundations I am testing, I like to apply with my fingers – it is the quickest, most natural and I can really feel the formula and texture of the product.


My thoughts on the foundation – 

  • It has a very smooth liquidy silky formula.  This is very apparent immediately when you apply the product to your skin, it is like apply a very silky lightweight cream to your face.  It is almost like GA Maestro, but without the slight oily/ silicon feel.
  • It sets quickly and you have to work fast.
  • It is very buildable without looking cakey or too much piled on.
  • The finish is a very smooth almost matte finish. I use the shade neutral 20, which is a good match for my tone.
  • In terms of synchronising— I can see how the name is appropriate – once applied, I feel like it sinks into my skin, I can’t really see the foundation, but it is there.  I can see how it evens out my skintone, without looking really visible.
  • It has a very natural flawless slightly brightening look.
  • It is quite long lasting – again, when testing new base, I use it on its own, no primer or whatever to interfere with its performance.  On its own, I think it lasts me a good 9 hours, looking relatively fresh throughout the day. I have normal skin, slightly oily T-zone… and it would be interesting to see how this foundation would adapt to people with very oily or very dry skin. But in terms of coverage, finish, and the feel of the foundation, I am quite impressed.


zoom in on these pics, and you can see my sweat moustache, lol.  this is foundation applied ten min ago. 


foundation applied one hour ago. in a cooler setting, sans sweaty face. 


and another selfie, where I look quite pleased with my look. haha.  more details below on what else I used. 

On the rest of the face, I used –

setting powder – Dior Nude Air Loose Powder

brighten my undereyes – Charlotte Tilbury the retoucher in No1 Fair

blush – rimmel santal rose blush

bronzer/ face warmer – sephora contouring disc (this is GREAT stuff)

brows – ABH brow pomade in Ebony

highlight on fleek – Becca shimmering pressed powder in Opal

lips – stila stay all day liquid lipstick in Dolce or smth? The label was peeled off. 😦 It is a beautiful MLBB warm tone.

eyeliner – TARTE smolderEYES in Dark Brown


That’s all, and I hope you found this quick review of the new Shiseido foundation useful.


Thanks for reading!



7 thoughts on “Review & Application: Shiseido Synchro Skin Foundation

  1. Fantastic! I can’t wait to try this out. I’ve been following your blog for years because of all the foundations you test, so I’m glad to see this latest post. Is wordpress your prefered website for blogging now (just so I know where to look other than instagram). Many thanks for the U.S.!

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