Swatches & Review: Kat Von D Lasting Liquid Lipsticks

Swatches & Review: Kat Von D Lasting Liquid Lipsticks



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As many of you know, Kat Von D makeup is coming to Sephora Singapore this July.  I got to attend a media preview and a meet & greet with Kat herself several weeks back, and I have exciting products to share with you, which you will see scattered throughout the next few entries.  Let’s start with the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks – I have the full set here – except for the newer shades that are released in the US.  And I have been playing around with these for a few weeks, so I will also give you my thoughts on them.

Price wise, I think they are SG$31 each when released at Sephora SG.  Quite reasonable.

In case you aren’t aware, Kat Von D started her makeup line in 2008, and her brand is well-known for the rich textures and colours and inspired by her artistic talent as a tattoo artist.

The everlasting liquid lipsticks is a long-wear full coverage liquid lipstick with a smooth, matte finish.  I have found them to be quite creamy, and you have a few seconds of playtime before they set completely matte.  Playtime meaning you can purse your lips together to spread the colour, clean up any mess, and also to do some blending if you want to wear them for a more sheer look (which I found to be quite nice among the lighter shades).

In terms of the liquid lipstick formulation – I think they are one of the better ones out there – they set nicely, not too drying and comes in a good range of colours. The Colorpop ones which I have are quite liquidy and dry down so dark that they look too stark on me.  The MAC Retro Matte liquid lippies are way much better and I wear them quite often.  The Tarteist lip paints don’t really set, and seems to slip and slide though they have cute names and nice colours.

As always with liquid lipsticks, the lighter shades tend to dry down quite a bit darker than what you see in the tube.  I also find that the formula differs somewhat among the range.. with the lighter shades turning out to be quite chalky (because too pale and too stark).  The outstanding shades in this collection (to me at least) are the reds.  They are so rich, so beautiful… and to add even more interest to them, I always pair the reds with a deeper red or berry just in the centre of my lips to add dimension.

Some of the ‘famous’ shades in this collection – Lolita – turned out to be quite brown on me.. and Bow & Arrow is also a taupey beige colour. Both are pretty but not my everyday colours. I think Lovesick is really beautiful as a subtle mauvey pink.

I am really drawn to the reds – Santa Sangre is a full body true red.. and I love this shade on me.  I also think that the red shades aren’t as drying as compared to the hot pinks – wore Backstage Bambi today and it turned a tiny bit patchy after a few hours and a bit of food – though overall the color still stayed on solid.

The disappointing shades to me are the really deep ones – the vampy deep reds.  Perhaps I have to be patient and layer them in order to achieve a more even application, but as you can see in my lip swatches, as you can see Damned and Vampira in the swatches – I didn’t know how obvious it looks until I saw the pictures.  When I look in the mirror I thought I had applied them quite evenly.

All that being said, I think that liquid lipsticks are low maintenance in that you might not need to touch up as they really stay put for a substantial amount of time.  But in the event that you want to clean them off.. it is going to be a struggle as you can’t wipe them off with a tissue.  Sometimes I like to remove my lip color completely before I start a meal.  But at the same time, they are quite  high maintenance – if you want to re-apply, you got to make sure that you have concealer on hand to just clean up around the lips to avoid a smudgy look… also you need to make sure that the rest of your face is quite done up too, a good clean base, defined eyes and brows.  You can’t really get away with no makeup and slap on Santa Sangre or wear Echo and pop out of the door.

But for a night out, and for maximum impact as far as lippies are concerned, I feel that liquid lipsticks are the way to go.. I would much rather a matte or satin finish as opposed to the glossy finish when I use lip products anyway.

Overall the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks are definitely worth a try, and I would recommend the following as my top picks:

  1. Bow & Arrow
  2. Santa Sangre
  3. Outlaw
  4. Lovesick
  5. Bachelorette
  6. Mother
  7. Berlin


I have plenty of swatches and pictures below – along with overall looks for some of the shades.   If you are wondering what else is on my face, I will have follow up entries on the LOTD, so I won’t get into too much details here.

Hope you find this entry helpful!  I have several entries coming your way.. been productive!  Stay tuned!



2 thoughts on “Swatches & Review: Kat Von D Lasting Liquid Lipsticks

  1. Loved your review! I wanted Reqiuem so bad but it was practically purple on me. I ended up purchasing Lolita but it seems darker on me than most swatches I saw, probably because I am Hispanic.

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