Get Ready with Me: Chanel 2016 Summer

Get Ready with Me: Chanel 2016 Summer


This is an entry where I chat about the new (or currrently available) Chanel Summer 2016 Collection.  I think I have most of the key pieces that I want to use from this collection and I can’t wait to share with you my thoughts.

Every summer, I always have to collect/ get for myself/ whatever it is, I would want to get my hands on the Chanel and Dior face powders – be it bronzers, blushes, powders etc etc.. they are all always beautifully packaged, and I just can’t seem to stay away from them.

In this Get Ready with Me entry – I will chat about each of the items.. in the order that I used the products on my face.  I hope this new style of writing about new products I am trying out will be useful.  (I will talk more about my GRWM entries later on. )

Firstly, I used the Chanel La Solution 10 face cream – this is a scent-less face cream, which is rare for Chanel, as you know most of their skincare is quite fragranced… but this one is very lightweight, it is not greasy at all, and just very clean and simple. It is a very basic cream suitable for sensitive skin.. and while I don’t have any particular sensitive nor problematic skin, I find this a good one to use in the day time/ mornings.  It doesn’t affect the makeup I put on, and it provides sufficient moisture throughout the day – but I definitely need something richer and more ‘complex’ for night use.

Next, I applied my foundation – and in this case, I am using the Les Beiges Healthy Glow liquid foundation.  I had purchased this a couple of months ago – and the first few uses didn’t wow me.  If you are after a nice glowy foundation, you are better off with the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua liquid foundation.  For me, this foundation takes a bit longer to blend, and while it looks nice and flawless enough, I just can’t help but feel like it seems almost a little drying (but it doesn’t look dry on me).   My guess is that if you have normal to oily skin, you will love this foundation.  I just have normal-normal skin… and I think I can do with a more emollient creamy foundation. So given my mixed feelings, I have not followed up with an indepth review entry.  Perhaps one day when I properly love it, I will find it easier to explain why I love it.  I hope this makes sense!

I also set my face with Les Beiges powder in shade 20.  I just used a big fluffy brush to press and roll the powder into my skin.  I hope Chanel comes out with a LES BEIGES LOOSE POWDER version.  How cool would that be right?  Anyway, this one sets my face nicely, and it is good one to bring out if you are travelling or require touch ups.

Finally, the good stuff – the new LE Les Beiges healthy glow duo powder – I used the bronzer (in 01?) just around the edges of my face – to warm up my complexion, not so much to contour.  This, like all Les Beiges products, is very finely milled, and blends so naturally into your skin.   I would compare this to the regular Les Beige powder in shades 30 and 40 – which are permanent and perhaps a tad more soft matte compared to the summer release.

Next, I wanted to add colour to my cheeks and I used the Les Beiges healthy duo powder in 02 – one side is a nice warm reddish peachy colour, almost like a tomato red.  Use this sparingly, and add more if needed.  This gives me a warm rosy glow.. no pink tinge at all.  I used the paler side as a highlight, which gives a decent amount of glow.

On my eyes, I used the summer eye quad – empreinte du desert quad – and the highlight of this otherwise neutral quad is the metallic forest green shade.  This is a rather dense pigmented metallic quad.  I did not have to work hard at all to get intense colour payoff.  Of course, I have to use the green, and I used it on my eyelids.. and I also used the dark brown on top of the green – to add some definition to my eyes.  Overall, the eyelook is smokey with a peek of green showing through.  The quality of this quad is impeccable, and other than the green, you get a really beautiful warm neutral trio.

I also lined my eyes with the Zoeva graphic eye pencil, which is a dark metallic brown just like the one in the quad.  It is very creamy, they set, but I think they do smudge a little on me.

On my lips, I used the new Chanel Coco Rouge Stylo, which is a rich creamy balmy lip color.  This is in the shade Historie – a wearable red.

The whole look is quite warm, and summery I think?  I haven’t worn colour on my eyes in a long time, and I think this is still quite wearable.  You can probably go with a lighter lip colour, a warm peachy nude shade would be a good match too.

My top picks are obviously the two Les Beiges duo powders – they are totally different, so it is not like you can pick one or the other.  And the quad too.  I like this type of Chanel quads, where the shadows aren’t the usual powdery ones.. this one is so densely packed it feels like a cream to powder formula.

I know  there are a few nail colors in this collection, but I did not feel like I am missing out on anything with those colours.

Lots of pictures below, and I hope you find this entry helpful!



Close up of the eye look:


the overall look – cue lots of selfies, of course.  no filter. these pictures are taken in the late afternoon sunlight.






Products used – All Chanel unless otherwise stated


prepped with La Solution 10

les beiges healthy glow foundation no10

charlotte tilbury the retoucher no1 fair for undereyes

set with les beiges powder in no20

warm the complexion with les beiges healthy glow duo no01

blush and glow with les beiges healthy glow duo no02


empreinte du desert quad

rim eyes with zoeva graphic eye pencil in ‘glance’

brows filled in with ABH brow promade in dark brown


rouge coco stylo in 206 historie



2 thoughts on “Get Ready with Me: Chanel 2016 Summer

  1. I love this GRwM and the finish look suit you so well! Thank you for doing these posts, I need to try making one myself, some day. Kisses, That Luxurious Feeling

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