Get Ready with Me: YSL Fusion Ink Foundation, Rouge Bunny Rouge & Kat Von D Contouring

Get Ready with Me: YSL Fusion Ink Foundation, Rouge Bunny Rouge & Kat Von D Contouring






Hi hi!!

Like I have mentioned in previous entry, I will be doing these Get Ready with Me (GRWM) type entries whenever possible.  I am hoping to showcase both new and old products which I use lately, in a more organic way.  There will still be entries which are devoted entirely to one brand review/ preview, but I think I want to incorporate more haphazard entries where I just pull together whichever items I feel like reaching for, or like whenever I feel like I want to mention something I have not featured on the blog before.   I just want to CHAT about beauty products in general – it is more fun, more real and just more down to earth – you get to know my thoughts about the products, and I don’t have to be like ‘REVIEW’ stuff in a somewhat arbitary way.  So just to sum up (or maybe not.. lol) My GRWM are not exactly in-depth reviews, but just my quick (or rambly) thoughts as I use these items – some might be first impressions, some are old faves.. etc .. Just want to keep things quite unstructured in these entries.  I hope from these GRWM entries, we can generate more conversation on any of the products I have used and so on… hope this all makes sense! 🙂

So in this entry, I want to showcase the Rouge Bunny Rouge Antigo quad – it looks like a Giorgio Armani compact, in terms of the weight and shape.  It was love at first sight.  I saw it on @easyneon’s instagram and it swatches so beautifully, I quickly placed my very first RBR order within the hour.  Antigo is a beautiful neutral (of course) quad, it contains soft beige and browns which blend seamlessly, and you can dress up or dress down with this quad.  To be honest, it looked more intense in online swatches, but then I have been using this quad for the past few weeks in a more effortless style, ie, I just dip my brush in and lightly fluff the product on my eyes.  I didn’t do the usual prep, prime, pack on the colour to maximise the intensity and payoff of the shadows – which I have no doubt they will look a lot more true to colour.. but somehow for this quad, I just felt like being more carefree and casual.  I have no regrets buying this pricey quad when I really don’t need another eyeshadow palette/combo (and I have several new UD ones waiting to be used!!!) but this is just a little piece of indulgence and makes me feel special whenever I used it, and I think that’s is important to me.

In terms of the placement of the eyeshadow colours, I just went with the usual style – the pale shade as a brow bone highlight (the sheen is very subtle but it is there, a glowy highlight) – the soft cool brown as a crease/ transition colour, and the darkest shade to deepen and define the outer corners and closer to the lashline.  Everything is all blended together for the more effortless look.  End result is a very soft smokey eyes.  There is hardly any fallout to this quad, and the quality of the eyeshadows is just amazing.

Next, I used MAC’s Modern Mandarin on my cheeks – this is a very smooth orangey peachy colour.  It has a soft satin finish, very pretty, I can see why it totally sold out the first time it was released in previous collection.  And the packaging of the MAC Vibe Tribe is really quite something – I am sure you have seen from my IG or in previous preview entries!  I have a couple more items from this collection, and several more MAC pieces which I am still playing with, so perhaps I will discuss them in upcoming GRWM entries.

As for my base, I used the YSL Instant Moisture Glow to prep my skin.  I usually like YSL primers (from many years back- I remember their mattifying primer which is pretty much wowza, and also the skin flash thingy that comes with a built in brush application) and this is no exception.  It has a very hydrating gel like sensation which smoothes out your skin and just preps them good for foundation to be applied. Apparently this is really popular and was out of stock when I was at the YSL store trying out their new foundations. I don’t see any shimmery bits in the product, in case you are wondering, as this is called ‘glowy’.  Overall, a very comfortable primer to use, if you want something smooth and hydrating – and not silicon-y at all.

Next, I went over with the YSL Fusion Ink liquid foundation. This has a very smooth velvety formula, it goes on very smooth (and even more so after using the primer).  It looks quite pale (I use shade 10 beige) but it soon blends into my skin tone quite seamlessly. I find that this foundation is decent enough, it gives a light-medium coverage – my skin still looks like skin, no cakey mess no flaky stuff, and the finish is a soft subtle radiant look.  I will try this foundation out – along with the cushion version, and follow up soon.  Stay tuned!

And one of the highlights of this GRWM – the Kat Von D Shade & Light palette for face – now I have a ton, and I really mean a ton of face contour kits in my stash – the MJ duo, the NARS duos, the Sephora ones, and many other customised contour palettes – but this KVD one is seriously intense.  It is not too dark for my skintone – but you got to be very very light handed, or else you will end up with patches of brown on your skin.  In these pics, I think even I went a bit more intense than I would like.  It is easy to blend out though.. but what happens is that I prolly overblend and darken my skintone by half a shade… lol.  The lighter shade – I used it to brighten my undereyes.  It is not bright enough… so I should probably say SET my undereyes.  It is not bright or shiny enough for me to use as highlight… but if you are a few shades darker than me, you can probably use the light shades to do a matte highlight on your skin.  Overall, I think the quality of these powders are very fine, very smooth and they go on the skin like silk.  Just be very careful, use a very very soft fluffy brush and only very lightly touch the powder to pick up product.

On my lips – mostly bare – but in that one pic, I am wearing Lolita liquid lipstick.  Keeping things in the neutral and brownish family.

Have you also noticed that I am only using super wispy outer corner lashes?  They are super cute!  I used EYELURE lashes in TEXTURE #117 – I usually order mine from feelunique as they are not available in SG.


I think that’s all I have to say in this very rambly GRWM entry… hope you find it helpful, and thank you for reading!






All products used:


Face prepped with YSL Instant Moisture Glow

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation in B10 Beige

under eyes brightened with Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher in 1 Fair

set with Shu Uemura Lightbulb Loose Powder

face ‘contoured’ with Kat Von D Shade & Light palette for face

cheeks MAC Modern Mandarin (re-promoted in MAC VIBE TRIBE collection)


Rouge Bunny Rouge eye quad in 086 Antigo

Kat Von D liquid eyeliner in Trooper


Kat Von D Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita



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