Skincare Chat: SkinInc Power Fix Mask Treatment

Skincare Chat: SkinInc Power Fix Mask Treatment


Hi hi!


Today I am sharing my experience with SkinInc’s Power Fix Mask Treatment which I tried a month back at the brand’s pop-up space at Scotts Square – they will be opening a new store in the location, so that’s one more branch that you can go for your SkinInc treatments.

This is not my first time trying out SkinInc’s facials (you can read more here on my old blog) and what is new in this latest one I have tried is the Power Fix Mask which uses NASA technology and LED light intensity to boost skin’s collagen production and get rid of lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and minimise pores.

The mask itself is a robot-like mask which is placed over your face.   It looks intimidating, but I think I dozed off during the actual part of this treatment – it is totally painless, and you don’t feel anything at all.

The power mask contains Red and Blue LED light – for my treatment, I was given the BLUE LED Light treatment – this has cleansing effects, reducing inflammation, and because I had a spot on my face at that time of treatment —- it can prevent further breakouts too. On top of that, the BLUE LED light can reduce the size of skin pores and smooth the texture of the skin.

Prior to using the Power Fix Mask, I did the OxyMiracle Peel – which I have described in detail in the blog entry linked above – I really really love this step.. it blasts my skin clean and super smooth.

The Results

I wasn’t surprised to see immediate results – after your skin is so thoroughly cleaned and treated, there will tend to be a natural glow. However, and more importantly, I do think the effects of the Power Fix Mask lasts on me for a couple of weeks – and no kidding, it is always in the days post-facial that I legit get compliments from most random people about my skin.  I can liken this ‘new skin’ feeling to a post dental cleaning job… you know how your teeth feel extra clean and strong and all the gaps between your teeth is totally cleaned out… (ok maybe not the most appropriate analogy, but you get what I mean).


I have also been incorporating SkinInc’s serums into my skincare routine.  They are all so fuss-free, I checked with my facial therapist, if the serums are compatible with my skincare products from other brands and she said it is perfectly fine to mix and match as the serums contain such pure ingredients, they won’t react with other products you layer on.  I love how quickly the serums get absorbed into my skin, and they do play a part (along with the 2082490234 other products that I switch up in my routine) in keeping my skin as young, firm and smooth as possible.


I hope my post facial pictures speak for themselves, and if you have any questions about the treatment, do leave them in the comments below! 🙂

Links to other SkinInc related entries here and here.


Thank you SkinInc for another wonderful experience!


The Power Fix Mask treatment first trial is at S$94, and available at SkinInc Concept Stores.


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