Pilates & Facial at Phillip Wain Singapore

Pilates & Facial at Phillip Wain Singapore

Last week, I was very kindly hosted by Phillip Wain Singapore to experience a couple of their fitness and beauty services – a personalised one to one Pilates training and also a relatively new facial treatment.

After spending the afternoon the their sprawling location at Mandarin Hotel, I must say it is indeed a lovely experience – and clearly a hidden luxe spot located in the heart of Orchard Road that many of the women who were also during the afternoon I was there (don’t they have to work? )there know about.  Think of it as a rather private club – you get your workouts done, after that enjoy the facilities there (which includes a very well designed shower area, steam rooms, spacious locker rooms/ changing area), have a freshly prepared healthy meal, juices and other beverages.  Then after this chilling out session, you can opt for their comprehensive body or facial treatments.


Such services definitely don’t come cheap, and I hope that my sharing will show you that it is worth the investment to enjoy the facilities and treatments that are offered at Phillip Wain – plus you get to enjoy your very own trial sessions at a discounted price before you decide to commit to any of the packages they have. (ps, not to worry, I was assured that hard selling is not their style.)

Let’s start with the one to one Pilates session with my trainer for the afternoon, Louisa – she is encouraging, firm and pushes me (in the nicest way possible) to do my best.  It was one of the best hours I have spent – I learnt about about my alignment when it comes to doing certain moves – which I feel greatly benefitted me when it comes to my own yoga practice.  I found myself aching in places I wished I had paid more attention to when I am exercising.  And I am happy that I pushed myself to stretch, lift and hold for as much as I did.  I am certainly open to the idea of incorporating more Pilates into my own workouts in the near future.  The personal attention and coaching certainly helped, especially when it comes to maintaining my form on the reformer machine, every micro adjustment made a difference to which parts of my body I am working on.  It was amazing, and I truly enjoyed it.

(btw, are you all keen to read more about my workout routine and stuff?  I am by no means any health nut or whatever, but I am pretty amazed at what I am willing to try these days, and maybe also just a update on my current weight/ workout situation, do let me know in the comments!)


After a shower, and a quick rest/catching up with my host Eugenia, it was time for my facial.  I told the team at Phillip Wain to pick the any facial which I should try, with a focus on anti-aging and hydration.  So I got to try out the 90-minute Aqua EX3 Face Spa – which is a lifting, hydrating and whitening treatment making use of snail mucin essence.


The treatment started with a thorough cleansing of my skin – and then the chemical and mechanical peeling using the Aqua EX3 machine, this part is very relaxing with the suction tubes gently this was massage onto  my skin after cleansing and some much needed pore extraction (which is really optional but I was feeling adventurous and yolo, hence the redness around my nose post facial).  I fell asleep during this part of the treatment, and that’s what my therapist told me.Next, is the mask, which is freshly mixed and looked like a durian paste in terms of texture and colour but smells much more pleasant and soothing concoction which left my skin really smooth and radiant for the next few days after.


(and a freshly facial-ed face – not the most ideal showcase, I am aware, but my skin gets really red easily from plucking and poking, but but but I hope you get the idea of how clear everywhere else looked.. and also, ignore the rather sleepy eyes)


And another pic, this is already evening time, after a almost 4 hours at the place, all freshened up and well worked out.

I hope that you enjoyed my sharing, and I think that the whole experience is definitely worth a try.  You get access to the facilities when you sign up for their fitness package, or when you sign up for their personalised workout classes, and if you are wanting to start some form of workout in a more private and non-intimidating setting, I think you can’t go wrong with what Phillip Wain has to offer.

And if you want to experience what I have just shared, here’s a special price promo for you:

From now til 30 Sept 2016, quote ‘Sophia Ng’ to enjoy a 60 minutes Pilates personal training at SG$78 and/ora 90 minutes Aqua EX3 Face Spa at SG$78.  This means a total of less than $200 for everything, and I highly recommend you to go for it – try it out, before you decide if the package is what you want.  This promotion is only for new female customers aged 21 above, and T&Cs apply. 

To book an appointment or enquire, please call 6250 0100. Or you can visit them at Mandarin Orchard Hotel (Mandarin Gallery), Level 7 via lift 6 & 7.

Link to Phillip Wain website – click here

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