Review: NARS x Sarah Moon Holiday Collection – swatches, top picks!

Review: NARS  x Sarah Moon Holiday Collection – swatches, top picks!


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As mentioned in my previous entry (link here) this will be a more up close and personal look at the latest Sarah Moon for NARS Holiday Collection 2016.  There are plenty of gifting sets within this huge collection, but I will only be focusing on the range which I am most excited about – the colour collection – think new blushes, new eyeshadows, and most of all, falsies! (not featured here, but you can be sure I will be getting both designs when they launched).

Also, I don’t normally make such disclaimers, but I have loaned all products from the NARS team for my trial/ swatches/ photo-taking.. just in case people be thinking why am I getting everything etc .. I only make loan requests for products which I am personally very keen on, and which I know you all will enjoy previewing along with me too.  And since NARS is my fave makeup brand, it’s all a win-win situation.

So as I am sitting  here making my top picks, I am also adding them to my shopping list – mark your calendar this November!

Besides the falsies, I am also excited about the Moon Matte lipsticks – these are all matte shades, but as I am trying them out the past few days, I find that the formula vary slightly among them.  Some are nicer… but some tend to run a tad patchy, as you would see in my lip swatch pictures.  Also, if you are a fan of reds and smokey eyes, you will love this collection.  I am also happy to see that NARS has put out two blush shades which manage to be outstanding given their already impressive permanent range, and new shades which aren’t new for the sake of being new.   For the blushes, I love the sheen that both impart, both in my  hand swatches (heavy swatching I know), but the sheen does translate onto the cheeks in a more subtle but still visible way.  My LOTD pic doesn’t quite capture nor do the blushes justice, but trust me… I will be purchasing Isadora, just for that muted cool toned dusty pink with the almost purple sheen.  So so gorgeous!  Impudique is the bolder and brighter blush, a bit much for my preference,  but if blushes are your thing, or if you have a richer skintone, I think Impudiquewould look gorgeous on you.

Here’s a close look at everything, and I will provide the names and shade descriptions as we go along!  Be prepared for more rambling!




Moon Matte Lipstick, $40

An intensely opulent, high-pigment formula. Limited edition.

Indecent Proposal Moon Matte Lipstick – Nude Rose – good formula, smooth & matte.  Love the slightly warm tone too. Will need to get this.

Rouge Improbable Moon Matte Lipstick –Blood Red – smoothest red in this range. My top top pick.  Safe to say, I am a hopeless sucker for all NARS BLOOD RED lippies.  This applies so creamy and sits on the lips so nicely.  I wish I can say the same for the next two.

Rouge Indiscret Moon Matte Lipstick –Ruby Red – a richer deeper true red. This is a tad patchy on me somehow.  I prefer the vibrant true red of Rouge Improbable, but if you want something a bit more toned down, Rouge Indiscret is the way to go.

Fearless Red Moon Matte Lipstick – Fire Brick – as the name suggests, this has a tawny brick tone – and also the ‘safest’ red among the three in this collection.  This is also a tad day patchy, like Rouge Indiscret, but nothing too draggy  nor drying.


The three nail polishes –  $30 each

FlonFlons Nail Polish  Geranium – a one coater,though I applied two here to show the true colour and finish.


Never Tamed Nail Polish  Geranium  – same creamy opaque fomula as FlonFlons, I prefer this shade though.  Flonflons has this stark look to it, more stark in real life, as compared to the pictures here.


La Dame En Noir Nail Polish Deep Burgundy – gorgeous colour, but took me almost 3 coats and careful application to ensure an even colour payoff.


Next, let’s move on to the blushes and eyeshadows!



Can we just swoon at the blushes already?  It’s been a while since I have seen such awesome sheen (not shimmery!) in blushes… awesome formula, awesome payoff.  I highly suggest you get both.. if you love NARS blushes.

Isadora Blush Lavender Pink – I see why it is Lavender – that almost purple sheen… love love!  And it is neutral enough to go with everything else you wear.

Impudique Blush Pink Red – the bolder one of the two, this has a warm golden sheen – think a more pumped up redder version of Orgasm without the shimmer.  This is a real good one.



I find the two duos to be very similar, they both have this smokey silvery almost taupey shade, couple with a matte shade.  Though I must say Quai des Brumes contain a charcoal matte that is shot through with the tiniest golden shimmer. But the base and overall is still largely matte.

Quai Des Brumes Duo Eyeshadow

L: Shimmering Lavender Gray

R: Charcoal with Golden Shimmer   – this shimmer does not transfer much to the eyes upon application, so I will still think this is a charcoal matte.

I love how the matte shade in the duo helps to blend and bring out a different dimension of colour to the metallic other half.

Indes Galantes Duo Eyeshadow

L: Shimmering Deep Gunmetal

R: Matte Plum   – This matte plum is lovely, and so creamy easy to blend, it brings out the warm tones and shimmer of the deep gunmetal shade.

Of the two duos, I will pick Indes Galantes Duo – it seems to offer more diversity and wearability.



Next, we have the two Kohliners – which I used as a base more than a liner in my looks.  They are both very smooth and creamy.  And I would definitely recommend Witching Hour over Sichuan.

Witching Hour Kohliner Iridescent Charcoal

Sichuan Kohliner Rust Brown


Some pictures of my application – just sharing with you how I used the duo, not as much as a tutorial, obviously, for there are way more skillful women out there who can showcase and apply the eyeshadows way better than I do.   But I am sharing with you my application thoughts – as far as I am concerned, they deliver in terms of colour payoff, and easy of blending.













(also note that my brows and base are not freshly applied in these set of pictures, they are from a 8 hour day)

And if you are still reading, or just scrolling all the way to the end for my summary, here we go – my top picks and final thoughts!

Overall, an impressive colour collection that covers nails, eyes, lips and cheeks.  I like that they are all powder products (not crayons, no multiples or single eyeshadows) – very classic NARS, outstanding lipsticks, outstanding blushes – those alone make me very happy.

my top picks

Lippies – Indecent Proposal, Rouge Improbable

Both sets of Falsies – have you seen the packaging – super chic and nifty!! omg – and both pairs are quite natural fluffy ones, like those I wear!   I have posted the falsies on my instagram if you have missed it.

Witching Hour Kohlliner

Isadora Blush

That’s all, and thanks for reading!


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