Update: Farewell 2016

Update: Farewell 2016

What a year it has been! I like to ramble and update from time to time, especially at the end of another crazy year. Currently I am typing this on my phone before I go to bed, and let’s see how much I can go on before my fingers cramped up or my eyes fall asleep.

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2016 started with aplomb on the work front with major changes, and I am not one to go into details about it, this has never been the platform to do so, and I am not about to start. I just find myself having less and less time to devote any time and energy to updating this blog, trying new products, and even updating my instagram. I think I used to post daily on the gram but these days I prefer to only post when I have the mood for it, and I don’t really like to post a bunch of blogger mail that everyone else is posting around the same time anyway. Ultimately, I don’t want to post anything just for the sake of making an impression. It is kind of like “if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t” and that’s the truth. Not everyday is always so inspirational and groundbreaking as far as makeup/ beauty is concerned. I use the same few products on my face to go to work etc but why should I fake stage together a thematically selected, artfully placed bunch of products just to post online when IRL, the reality nothing like it? The idea of social influence these days has become more like a display of ‘how much free stuff The Influencer is given so you should buy it too’ rather than ‘what I am really using and loving, and you should try it too’. It has become a transaction between the influencer and the brand, rather than the influencer and his/ her audience. And the truth is, the real consumers are not those who lurk on social media 24/7, liking and commenting on all your pretty pics. They are the people who have a real connection with you beyond social media. But….like I said, times have changed, so, let’s move on!

I remember sharing about my eyelid surgery in my Dec ramble from last year. It’s been a year since my surgery, and I am still super happy with the results. Sometimes I even forgot that I had them done! As I mentioned before, my only regret is not doing it earlier. Am I going to get more work done? I won’t rule out anything that will enhance my face (nothing drastic) but I am thinking some stuff to soothe over those fine lines between my brows – note to self – why frown so much? Haha! And maybe some brow lift? These are just some temporary nips and jabs…and no harm in trying yah? I will definitely share my experience IF and WHEN I pluck up enough courage (and funds) to do it.

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Speaking of funds, I bought my own place this year!!! Omg! It’s like…I have married myself. In Singapore where I live, the idea of buying a place is the way for a guy to propose marriage to a girl. Home ownership in SG favours the young couple looking to set up their nest and start a family, but not the single person who is looking to establish his/her own home. When I found out that I could not buy brand new public housing – the resale market is the way to go – things escalated quickly. Once the thought of having my own place got stuck in my head (back in July!) I started fantasizing about where, how, what…I was lucky in my brief search and instant decision making process. I met good people along the way who helped me to get the purchase done smoothly. Within a period of four months – from the day I viewed my future place – to the day I collected my keys and became a real HOME OWNER, the whole journey took only four months. People may take longer than four YEARS to do this, meanwhile they save up whatever they could. But not me. I came, I saw, I paid, I bought. Gosh. This is kind of crazy. But also strangely empowering. I actually have my OWN PLACE now! It is currently vacant, with beautiful pink marble flooring, and needs some renovation work. I am hoping I can get the work done by end of March…though I am in no hurry to move out or move in. And I probably have to survive on just air and water after I have done up the place. With my single person income, I have to do stuff that normally two people can share the burden together to complete. I am not sure if I am sealing my fate as a singleton with this “achievement” but I think it has certainly make ‘having a man’ seem like an accessory rather than “complete my life”. Ouch? Maybe I am too harsh to think this way, but I am still a romantic at heart. If the right person comes along, then so be it – I will welcome this person into my already fulfilling contented life and my new house, if he is deserving (lol, what arrogance!!) But I am not really hoping nor pinning. Some other stuff have also happened lately that shaken my belief in the idea of forever love/ second chance – not that I so naive to be easily shaken, but when you least expect things to crumble and they just do without any warning, that’s pretty scary. By the way, is it tacky to share my wishlist for home gifts? I mean? How is that done? How do people do it? I am reminded of that episode in SATC when Carrie mentioned how many times she has bought her friends wedding gifts, baby gifts but she being single won’t have the opportunity to receive any gifts of that sort. My house-warming whatever is probably the only major event for these people to get ….. lol okay. This is getting crass. But you know what I mean.


I mean, if you don’t take care of yourself, who will?


On the fitness front, this has been the year of discovering and thoroughly enjoying yoga. While I am not becoming some contorting inverting flexible yogi, I can definitely see and feel that my body is stronger, perhaps a bit more graceful and I think I have a greater awareness of my own body and well-being. I still run, but yoga has taken over 80% of my whole fitness routine. I can do between 15-18 classes in a month, along with 5-6 runs. I enjoy going to a class on my own, and even more so with my gfs as well. This whole fitness thing is already firmly ingrained in my overall lifestyle, no matter how busy I am. I am committed to it on my own accord, not just because I am trying to lose weight or whatever, but it is just time that I prioritize FOR ME. So for those who are looking for motivation to start, to stick to something, my advice is:

1: Find something that you truly enjoy, especially if you can enjoy on your own. If you can find a buddy to come along, that’s a BONUS, but the motivation do work out must come from yourself. It may take some trial and error to find something that you look forward to and enjoy but don’t give up.

2: Enjoy this precious ‘me time’. Taking 1-2 hours each day for this self improvement is important. Work will always be there. That TV show can wait. But once you clock in the time you set, you will always feel good about it afterwards, no matter how you had to drag yourself out, or how much you dreaded it at first.

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Not sure sure what else I can update, but I will post more home progress or sneak pics when I can… and also, recently I have started making use of IG stories to post my daily makeup/ daily skincare and also blogger mail paxkages which I don’t really want to spam all over the IG feed itself. IG stories function has come a long way since it started as a snapchat copycat not too long ago. If I want to show real time, real life beauty updates, it is more appropriate to use IG stories since the audience is already there and they don’t have to follow me on yet another social platform to see what I am up to.

I have more to rant/ share over this whole influencer/PR loyalty/ desperado ‘bloggers’ trend that I have seen happening, but I shall keep my mouth shut since these days I am so “out of it” that I don’t really even care anymore. Obviously things are very different from when I first started blogging 10 or 11 years ago… and people have to make a living and make everyone else happy, so who am I even to make a commentary about this? (Although you know I will comment anyway sometime down the road lol, when the right mood strikes).

I am not sure if I have any more time to post new content in the next couple of days, but the next few entries are likely to be

Chanel Spring 2017
K-beauty haul & first impressions
Every makeup chat?

I hope that 2017 will be an even better year for everyone, and I thank you for sticking around, understanding me and always reading my rambling posts.

Thanks for reading!!


5 thoughts on “Update: Farewell 2016

  1. I always love to read people’s endless ramblings because I feel like I’m there listening to them whine! Anyway congrats on your own place! You must feel amazing cause I honestly think that buying a home is one of the toughest (and probably best) thing ever!

    My marriage sort of came rather suddenly back when I was in the “I’m-gonna-be-a-forever-alone” stage which I had come to accept. So maybe one day it’ll happen for you too!

    On a happier note, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too! Hopefully work goes well for both of us in 2017!

  2. This is exactly the reason why I read your blog. Because it is honest and not pretentious. Keep it up and can’t wait to see your new home soon!

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