Trying out su:m37° Secret Essence & More

Trying out su:m37° Secret Essence & More

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I have been using quite a collection of Korean skincare products in my skincare routine and here I would just share with you what they are, how I use them etc…hope you find this helpful!

Firstly we have a new comer to the SG beauty retail scene – su:m37° – which consists of naturally fermented cosmetics. This natural fermentation is a key part the brand technology, taking place in a lab in the Gwangwon-do lab in Korea.
Natural fermentation refers to the biological phenomenon where enzymes of microorganisms are used to produce, distribute, convert and switch ingredients for humans and ferment plants with microorganisms based on technology aimed to enhance the value of utility of the skin.

Their star product is the SECRET ESSENCE (think SKII Facial Treatment Essence level of iconic) – it is a fruit of natural fermentation technology – this essence aids daily revitalisation of the skin:: improving skin texture, hydration, tone, firmness and brilliance.

Another product from the brand which I am also using is White Award clear toner – this removes dead skin cells and brightens the skin with fermented ingredients.

The third product from su:m37 is the White Award bubble de mask, which is a three in one effect facial mask, it brightens, and also has deep pore cleansing and skin smoothing properties.

I did some work with the brand in the past recent weeks, so I thought I would share with you here too:


As you can see my Secret Essence is pretty well-used, and that’s because I have been using it quite often at night.  I usually apply 2-3 layers of the essence (just because) – and it is a very lightweight, refreshing essence.  It isn’t really a serum, but more of like a serum booster?  I use this after toner (again, a step which I only use when I am on a Korean routine, but I dun use a toner if I am using an overnight leave on mask or a facial oil for the night) – water-full skin refresher, which is quite nice, but honestly I am not sure what a toner is supposed to do.

I finish up the su:m37 routine with the water-full Water Gel cream (I have been loving gel creams lately, including the new Avene one) – and this routine is great for hydration and leaving  my skin quite glowy.

Currently, I am also rotating several other su:m37° products – their oxygen bubbling mask (very cleansing, and the foaming action feels quite good!).  I do enjoy their sun-block – the Sun-Away Cooling Watery Sun Block Ex – quite good for everyday and under foundations which usually do not have SPF.  Another worthy mention is their Dazzling base (kinda like a MAC strobe cream) which I sometimes mixed into my foundation.

I have also been given their water-full cc cushion but I have yet to give that a go. Will report back when I can.


I hope you find this entry helpful!  Thanks for reading!


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