Review: NARS x Sarah Moon Holiday Collection – swatches, top picks!

Review: NARS  x Sarah Moon Holiday Collection – swatches, top picks!


Hi hi

As mentioned in my previous entry (link here) this will be a more up close and personal look at the latest Sarah Moon for NARS Holiday Collection 2016.  There are plenty of gifting sets within this huge collection, but I will only be focusing on the range which I am most excited about – the colour collection – think new blushes, new eyeshadows, and most of all, falsies! (not featured here, but you can be sure I will be getting both designs when they launched).

Also, I don’t normally make such disclaimers, but I have loaned all products from the NARS team for my trial/ swatches/ photo-taking.. just in case people be thinking why am I getting everything etc .. I only make loan requests for products which I am personally very keen on, and which I know you all will enjoy previewing along with me too.  And since NARS is my fave makeup brand, it’s all a win-win situation.

So as I am sitting  here making my top picks, I am also adding them to my shopping list – mark your calendar this November!

Besides the falsies, I am also excited about the Moon Matte lipsticks – these are all matte shades, but as I am trying them out the past few days, I find that the formula vary slightly among them.  Some are nicer… but some tend to run a tad patchy, as you would see in my lip swatch pictures.  Also, if you are a fan of reds and smokey eyes, you will love this collection.  I am also happy to see that NARS has put out two blush shades which manage to be outstanding given their already impressive permanent range, and new shades which aren’t new for the sake of being new.   For the blushes, I love the sheen that both impart, both in my  hand swatches (heavy swatching I know), but the sheen does translate onto the cheeks in a more subtle but still visible way.  My LOTD pic doesn’t quite capture nor do the blushes justice, but trust me… I will be purchasing Isadora, just for that muted cool toned dusty pink with the almost purple sheen.  So so gorgeous!  Impudique is the bolder and brighter blush, a bit much for my preference,  but if blushes are your thing, or if you have a richer skintone, I think Impudiquewould look gorgeous on you.

Here’s a close look at everything, and I will provide the names and shade descriptions as we go along!  Be prepared for more rambling!




Moon Matte Lipstick, $40

An intensely opulent, high-pigment formula. Limited edition.

Indecent Proposal Moon Matte Lipstick – Nude Rose – good formula, smooth & matte.  Love the slightly warm tone too. Will need to get this.

Rouge Improbable Moon Matte Lipstick –Blood Red – smoothest red in this range. My top top pick.  Safe to say, I am a hopeless sucker for all NARS BLOOD RED lippies.  This applies so creamy and sits on the lips so nicely.  I wish I can say the same for the next two.

Rouge Indiscret Moon Matte Lipstick –Ruby Red – a richer deeper true red. This is a tad patchy on me somehow.  I prefer the vibrant true red of Rouge Improbable, but if you want something a bit more toned down, Rouge Indiscret is the way to go.

Fearless Red Moon Matte Lipstick – Fire Brick – as the name suggests, this has a tawny brick tone – and also the ‘safest’ red among the three in this collection.  This is also a tad day patchy, like Rouge Indiscret, but nothing too draggy  nor drying.


The three nail polishes –  $30 each

FlonFlons Nail Polish  Geranium – a one coater,though I applied two here to show the true colour and finish.


Never Tamed Nail Polish  Geranium  – same creamy opaque fomula as FlonFlons, I prefer this shade though.  Flonflons has this stark look to it, more stark in real life, as compared to the pictures here.


La Dame En Noir Nail Polish Deep Burgundy – gorgeous colour, but took me almost 3 coats and careful application to ensure an even colour payoff.


Next, let’s move on to the blushes and eyeshadows!



Can we just swoon at the blushes already?  It’s been a while since I have seen such awesome sheen (not shimmery!) in blushes… awesome formula, awesome payoff.  I highly suggest you get both.. if you love NARS blushes.

Isadora Blush Lavender Pink – I see why it is Lavender – that almost purple sheen… love love!  And it is neutral enough to go with everything else you wear.

Impudique Blush Pink Red – the bolder one of the two, this has a warm golden sheen – think a more pumped up redder version of Orgasm without the shimmer.  This is a real good one.



I find the two duos to be very similar, they both have this smokey silvery almost taupey shade, couple with a matte shade.  Though I must say Quai des Brumes contain a charcoal matte that is shot through with the tiniest golden shimmer. But the base and overall is still largely matte.

Quai Des Brumes Duo Eyeshadow

L: Shimmering Lavender Gray

R: Charcoal with Golden Shimmer   – this shimmer does not transfer much to the eyes upon application, so I will still think this is a charcoal matte.

I love how the matte shade in the duo helps to blend and bring out a different dimension of colour to the metallic other half.

Indes Galantes Duo Eyeshadow

L: Shimmering Deep Gunmetal

R: Matte Plum   – This matte plum is lovely, and so creamy easy to blend, it brings out the warm tones and shimmer of the deep gunmetal shade.

Of the two duos, I will pick Indes Galantes Duo – it seems to offer more diversity and wearability.



Next, we have the two Kohliners – which I used as a base more than a liner in my looks.  They are both very smooth and creamy.  And I would definitely recommend Witching Hour over Sichuan.

Witching Hour Kohliner Iridescent Charcoal

Sichuan Kohliner Rust Brown


Some pictures of my application – just sharing with you how I used the duo, not as much as a tutorial, obviously, for there are way more skillful women out there who can showcase and apply the eyeshadows way better than I do.   But I am sharing with you my application thoughts – as far as I am concerned, they deliver in terms of colour payoff, and easy of blending.













(also note that my brows and base are not freshly applied in these set of pictures, they are from a 8 hour day)

And if you are still reading, or just scrolling all the way to the end for my summary, here we go – my top picks and final thoughts!

Overall, an impressive colour collection that covers nails, eyes, lips and cheeks.  I like that they are all powder products (not crayons, no multiples or single eyeshadows) – very classic NARS, outstanding lipsticks, outstanding blushes – those alone make me very happy.

my top picks

Lippies – Indecent Proposal, Rouge Improbable

Both sets of Falsies – have you seen the packaging – super chic and nifty!! omg – and both pairs are quite natural fluffy ones, like those I wear!   I have posted the falsies on my instagram if you have missed it.

Witching Hour Kohlliner

Isadora Blush

That’s all, and thanks for reading!

NARS x Sarah Moon Holiday Collection 2016 Preview

NARS x Sarah Moon Holiday Collection 2016 Preview

This entry will take you through a private preview of the Sarah Moon for NARS HOLIDAY 2016 collection.  I will follow up with a closer look at the entire colour collection and share with you my thoughts and top picks in a later entry. Link here!

All pictures here courtesy of the NARS team.


François Nars and fashion photographer Sarah Moon dare you to look closer as their limited-edition collection exposes every facet of the feminine.

Deeply inspired by iconic cinema, François Nars and Sarah Moon collectively worked from the nostalgic futurism of Metropolis to set the mood for the season’s story. Every element of the collection blurs the lines between real and surreal, serving as a direct expression of their collaborative vision.


Rich and hypnotic, the Sarah Moon for NARS Color Collection sharpens and softens, evokes and provokes.

The collection consists of – names and colours in my follow up entry – click here for details and swatches!

Moon Matte Lipstick, $40 [4 shades] – An intensely opulent, high-pigment formula. Limited edition.

Blush, $50 [2 new shades]

Duo Eyeshadow, $52 [2 new shades]

Kohliner, $40 [2 new shades]

Eyelashes, $38 [2 designs]

Nail Polish, $30 [3 shades]



Deceptively nuanced. Boldly mysterious. Every look demands a second look.



Sarah, Anita, Marlene, Rita, Olivia, Sandra, Charlotte, Bette

*Available exclusively at Tangs at Tang Plaza


























*Available exclusively at Sephora


Skincare Update [Sept 2016]


Hi hi, this is just an entry to list down what I am currently using and loving for the past few months (over 6 months, in fact).  I don’t always feature skincare products on the blog, and I have a lot, a lot of skincare products waiting for me to try out.  But longtime readers know I only update on skincare 2 or 3 times a year because I don’t tend to skip from one routine to another…I usually add in a couple of new products here and there until eventually the whole routine is updated and we have another entry like this to share.

It is only fair to give credit to the products which have served me well, and before I accumulate more empties that I throw away, I better start documenting them while they are still in my rotation.

Also, I have been getting questions on what is my skincare routine/how I maintain my skin, and I find that I don’t have a straightforward answer to that. If I were to tell them the 20 or 30 products that I am rotating, then where are they supposed to start? Besides who want to sit and listen to me ramble on and on about my skincare routine? What turned out to be a polite/ curious question about my skincare routine becomes a 1 hour long conversation is NOT what most people expect, right? Which brings me to the focus of this entry…I am going to list products according to what I think serves a purpose for my skin. You can pick and choose what you think you can try out.

I find it hard to review only a single product or a single brand– unless everything I am using happened to be from one brand (and I believe I have done this with great results from Lancôme, Shiseido and Clarins in the past) but in recent years, my skincare stash has become a lot more varied. I hope to share everything I am using with you in the most organic way possible–nobody is paying me to talk about their products here, and I am just sharing with you my own personal experience.

Of course, some of the products I mentioned here have been repeated several times in my previous skincare updates- they are staples and won’t be going anywhere soon.
I am also not mentioning a host of other products that I have previously featured in my other skincare feature entries (like the Sephora cleansers and anti-aging features)-  those products are still lurking in my rotation, but I won’t be repeating them here. I have shared some of the anti-aging serums to my mother who can benefit from those products too. Everything mentioned here are really just things I can count on for the past few months.

About my skintype – I have normal to combination skin. My skin will break out in one or two spots if I try out a product that does not work on me. Hence, in my skincare routine, I must always have something that will HEAL and also RESET my skin back to original condition. I will also stop using that product immediately and fall back on my own routine. I am also 37 this year, so some form of anti-aging, skin cell regeneration & hydration is important to me.

1: Neurogena Oil to Foam Cleansers
These come in three types – normal, brightening, hydrating. I have already used uo the normal one, and I am almost done with the hydrating one. I love these cleansers because they are so easy to use. They break down your makeup when massage on dry skin, and start to emulsify and foam up when you add water to the massaging. I use this everyday in the evening to remove makeup, and sometimes I will double cleanser with a foaming cleanser. I highly recommend these effective and affordable cleansers.

2: Foaming Cleansers – IOPE IDEAL CLEANSING FOAM
This is not new to me, and I have mentioned it a few times. It is just a super foamy brightening cleansing foam that washes my face well.

3: Mask Treatments
I love a good mask on weekend mornings. To detox my skin, to boost skin firmness and also just to nourish my skin in general. Three masks that I am loving are
BIOTHERM WONDER MUD – this is soooo awesome, I am quickly running out of it. My brother loves it too for the no fuss and refreshing cleansing properties.
GLAMGLOW MUD FIRMING TREATMENT – this is a silver peel off mask. I find that this does plump up my skin, and gives it an overall brightened appearance.
FRESH VITAMIN NECTAR – this is like applying an apricot jam spread on your face. It smells sweet and fruity and I like this as a lightweight nourishing face mask treatment.

4: DIOR SKINCARE – my skin has been loving Dior skincare products for the most of this year. I am thankful that I get lots of Dior stuff to try out because they are definitely not cheap. If I have to recommend only one item you got to try, and if you are looking for a rich face cream, you must use the Dior Capture Totale multi perfection cream – this cream comes in 3 formulations : gel, universal, and cream (?) I got the universal, and this is the night cream I go for when I want to reset my skin, when I want to heal a particular spot or dry area. I use the cream in conjunction with the matching serum – the Totale Capture Intensive Skin Detoxifying Booster Serum & also the Total Capture Eye Zone Detoxifying Radiance Boosting Care. I apply a very generous layer of the serum, and I sealed it with the application of the cream afterwards. Which sounds slightly messy, but the next morning, my skin is restored and ready for the day. I think the Capture Totale range is my fave from Dior by far.

Still on Dior, I also enjoyed mixing the DiorSnow White Perfection brightening serum with the Bloom Perfect Brightening Perfect Skin Perfector (which is slightly tinted). This gives me a good base to apply my makeup though I wish the combo can be more hydrating.

— you would notice by now, I like to go for skin renewal products at night, and for day I like hydrating products —-

4: Kiehls Essentials
I have very good luck with Kiehls Skincare. They are reasonably priced and there is something to suit everyone. I love most of their face creams, and currently my basic face cream is their iconic Ultra Facial Cream. I am also trying out both of their facial treatments, the Micro-Peel concentrate & Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution – both are awesome at ensuring that my skintone is as even as possible. And both the facial oils are fail-proof for me. I always go back to the night concentrate – can’t remember how many if these I have gone through over the years – and it is also a staple oil that my sisters swear by – when I only want to use one product. I use the day oil on weekends at home, and literally just let my skin soak in oil for the day.

5: Other essentials that I rotate daily
I like to dab some Laneige Firming eye cream under my eyes for day time, and I use more at night. This is a rich cream without being too heavy. Definitely will repurchase when I am done with it.

Algenist Splash Absolute Hydration is a great moisturiser for day time. I alternate between this and Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream. I don’t usually use serums in the day time, so it is just a great basic face cream and sunscreen before I apply my makeup for the day. Also I love that it is in a pump bottle, so easy to use.

I also use the Sunday Riley Luna Oil once or twice a week. I have just a tiny bottle, but I can see the hype over this facial treatment oil. To me, it is like a richer version of the Kiehls midnight discovery oil and almost twice the price. I love it, but I won’t be purchasing the full size soon – have too many similar products for me to use up first.

These serum cocktails are a funny thing. They don’t feel like anything on the skin, but yet they are made up such powerful ingredients. I like that their composition is so pure, they don’t really interfere with any other creams I apply over. Again like previous serums I have mentioned, I apply them very liberally and soak my skin in them for a minute before I apply my face cream. I can’t remember what is the formula of my skininc cocktails but the beautiful thing is you are supposed to customise them based your own skin concerns.

I have a whole host of sunscreens that my sister and I rotate.
For lightweight/ invisible ones that I use before makeup, I would go for the Chanel UV ESSENTIEL, CLARINS UV PLUS DAY SCREEN, KIEHLS Ultra Light Daily Defense.
For running days when I only use the sunscreen on its own, I would go for the KIEHLS Ultra Daily UV Defense mineral suncreen which is slightly tinted, and the DIORSNOW UV Shield protection which is quite a heavy duty one that adheres to my skin and doesn’t move at all.

Throughout the day, I also spritz my skin with various facial mists, especially if I am in an AC room for too long, or whenever I feel like refreshing my face. But I guess that another entry for another time.

So to sum up, regardless of your age, I think sun protection and hydration are most important. Have a few trusted skincare products that you can count on (or like me, maybe 10 of them ahahah) and know what works for your skin concerns.

I hope that my sharing has been useful, and thank you for reading!!

“Fitness” & Lifestyle Update [Sept 2016]

“Fitness” & Lifestyle Update [Sept 2016]

Hi hi!!

This entry, as you can tell from the title, is going to be a rambly, possibly pointless update.  A couple of years back, I wrote about my weightloss journey (I started back in Dec 2013, spent the whole of 2014 losing almost 20kg, maintaining it in 2015, and now here we are in September 2016).  Over 2 years on, how am I doing?   What long term changes have I noticed in myself?

Not quite sure how to organise this entry yet, I am just typing whatever comes to my mind.

I can share with you the most obvious benefits I have noticed about myself:

Eating ‘Healthy’ & Juicing – I am guilty of something.  Compared to 2014 and 2015, I haven’t been eating quite as clean this year.  But I am not going crazy eating anything I crave either.  I am still holding off the carbs 80% of the time, and I try to avoid fatty food.  I am not doing so good when it comes to sugary stuff (which is really bad I know) but my bad  funky logic is, having a sweet tea/coffee is better than having a whole plate of fried rice that most people eat as a meal everyday?  I try to do a juice cleanse every 1-2 months, a 3 day programme at one time.  This year I have juice cleansed for 3 or 4 times – I find that this is  good detox, not so much as a weight loss, I do lose 2-3 kg each round, but I do it more to reduce bloating and really just to clear my system.

Staying fit and growing stronger – One of the benefits which I think will stay with me for life, is making fitness a way of my life.  And among my close friends, we all do something physical regularly on our own.  We can yak non-stop about our workout sessions, we work out together and also perfectly fine on our own.  I used to only go on my solitary runs, but in the past year, I have grown to love practising yoga.  I have to thank the great yoga teachers along the way, starting with MABEL (@mabesyoga) who started us off the right way – to me the right way is to ease into it, learn the proper techniques and form.  She got my friends and I into yoga, and even though our sessions together have taken a  hiatus, we continue to practise on our own at various places – I usually stick to the same few studios only.  I may not be the most yoga-ry person – no contortions and inversions for me, but I think yoga is something that I can see myself doing for many many years to come.  I have experienceed greater strength and flexibility in my body, more toned limbs – my weight didn’t go down but I think I am more toned.

Because my body is stronger and I am going to different places to practise yoga, I am now more open to trying new forms of working out.  I tried out Pilates, I tried out a barre class, etc I don’t think I would have dare to try a couple of years ago.  And that confidence to try out a class is priceless.  

I still go for my runs, but the frequency has gone down from 4-5 times to 1-2 a week, usually weekend mornings.  I try to do yoga at least 4 times a week.  I have since switched from Kfit to Guava – read about my Kfit experience/ fitness update back in Feb 2016 here.

Guava is more expensive – I signed for a 6mth contract at SG139 a mth, but I need the unlimited classes factor.  The ten sessions per monthly cycle with Kfit wasn’t giving me enough sessions. I do enjoy the variety of places which I practise at, which is why I did not commit to a membership at one particular studio.  Besides, on Guava, I get to try out barre classes and pilates as well. If I had only sign on as a member at one studio, then I won’t explore other options or discover other great yoga classes.

Also, I think there is a difference between learning and practising yoga.  Some places (usually the big crowded classes) you only get to practise, but you won’t get to LEARN the poses as compared to a smaller more intimate setting – where the teacher is able to go around and help you. I am not saying that teachers in huge classes/ studios ‘dun teach’ but you just to be aware, the style and feel is different when you are in these huge classes of over 30 students.  So you might want to have a session a week where you LEARN, and 2-3 other sessions where you practise what you have learned.  There is no point in doing something if your form is wonky, you might hurt yourself, and you might be left wondering what the heck just happened after a class, and also you don’t end up working out the correct muscle groups.. or you end up thinking ‘oh yoga is just to stretch only right’… because believe me, a good yoga session (whether hatha or vinyasa) is all sweat and work, super enjoyable, you don’t have to be all panting and puffing, but your body feels great afterwards.  I hope this point about learning vs practising and small vs big classes isn’t too controversial… but it’s just my own thoughts.

Lastly, the weight – I have put back on 3-4 kg over 2015 to right now.  But I am not so worried about the extra kilos…I still fit the same size clothes, but I think whatever I am doing now is more sustainable (I need to improve on my eating).  And if I need to cut back, I know what to do (eat cleaner works the best for me).  I still go for my accu once a week, and I don’t think I will stop that yet.

Other benefits?  Exercising is the best form of anti-aging self care!  Eat well, sleep well, workout regularly. FYI, ONCE A WEEK IS NOT ENOUGH – you got to keep at it at least 3 times a week, commitment and dedication is important.  Work is never-ending, that dinner date or event which I am invited to can wait or skip… I would rather turn up on the mat for my yoga then attend a beauty event these days.  I am already 37, and I know it is shameless to say, everyone who asks how old I am, or wonder to themselves how old I am, they always guess at least 10 years younger.  Then they ask, what do I do?  How?   And this is how – skincare, bodycare (not just slapping anti-cellulite creams mind you), eating well… it is all the whole package.  I don’t think I intentionally try to look younger… but everything I do regularly in my lifestyle helped.

I hope this sharing is helpful, and thank you for reading.  Leave your questions, comments below!


Experiencing Estetica’s Skinjexion Facial

Experiencing Estetica’s Skinjexion Facial


Hi hi

In this entry, I will share with you a new facial treatment I got to try out a few weeks ago at Estetica.  I tried their new Skinjexion Facial – a multi-step facial treatment targeting lines and signs of aging.   The treatment is a high performance line reducer which is safe and yet affordable as compared to other more invasion methods.

By fusing three active substances, SKINJEXION is a skin therapy treatment representing a genuine substitute for medical-aesthetic injections. This efficacious treatment produces immediate results, working on three different levels to slow wrinkle formation in the skin, smooth wrinkles by relaxing and attenuating skin contraction, and fill wrinkles to reduce wrinkle depth through hydration and restoring the skin’s elasticity.

The three active substances to fight the wrinkles are:

Imudilin, SNAP-8, and High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid.

Imudilin plays a critical role in slowing down the process of skin tissue aging – it is supposed to stimulate the skin’s immune cells, which is essential for cell communication, a trait that decreases within the skin tissues as ageing occurs.

SNAP-8 smoothes wrinkles by relaxing and attenuating skin contraction – think of this as a botx effect, and SNAP-8 is ideal for anyone searching for a milder, safe yet effective anti-wrinkle treatment. It acts as a gentle and efficient alternative to Botulinum Toxin (botox), mimicking the effect of injections while targeting the same wrinkle formation mechanism.

High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid fills in wrinkle through hydration  and facilitates the formation of a structure at the skin’s surface to hold in water, preventing dehydration of the skin and reinforcing the skin barrier. This allows the restoration of the skin’s elastic properties, increases hydration levels, while plumping and smoothening the skin’s surface and texture.


The Process (and click on my pics which shows every step of the treatment) 

  1. Like every facial treatment, we started with cleansing of the face with a cleansing milk and lotion.
  2. Next, is the SCRUB, which peeling cream that is applied to the lines (mainly around the sides of my mouth, frown lines between my brows and on my neck) A brush is used to literally scrub this cream into my lines a couple of times, and then over the whole face lightly. The scrub is then rinsed off, and the same lotion from step 1 is applied.
  3. After the scrub, comes the serum application, using a syringe like applicator. The skinjector device is used to allow the serum to penetrate into my skin for ten minutes.  The remaining half of the serum is then applied onto my face, and this time, a mcropick is used to ‘roll’ and ‘prick’ my skin to stimulate the surface and boost absorption of the serum.  (You can see a close up of the mcropick in one of the pictures.)  The prickly sensation from the mcropick rolling on your skin takes a short while to get used to, but it is not painful by any means.
  4. After this intensive serum application, a richer cream is applied and massaged onto my face (by then I think I dozed off).
  5. After the cream massage, is the masque step – this is a bright red paste which is mixed just before use.  The masque is applied liberally over my face, and left on for 20 minutes.  As you can see in the collage, the mask sets and lifts off easily during the removal.
  6. After everything a ‘matte’ cream is applied to the lines area and lightly over the whole face.  Then a ‘filler’ cream is applied to the lines, filling in any wrinkles to ensure a smooth and firm surface.  This filler cream (shown in one of the close up pictures) is something you can use a base for special events, if you really want a instant wrinkle filler. The effect, I was told, last for about 5 hours.

All the skincare products that are used in this treatment are all formulated just for this Skinjexion facial and they are available individually for sale at the salon.

The entire treatment lasts for 75 minutes, and it is recommended to for a 4 session course, once a week. The cost of the treatment is S$350 and available at all Estetica outlets.

My thoughts: 

The treatment is soothing and comfortable.  I noticed smoother skin instantly post treatment, the lines around my mouth definitely diminished while I think those on my neck need more work (but anyway, I don’t think the lines around my neck are due to aging, they have been there since I was a kid – think of them as more of fat folds hahahaa).

Over the next couple of weeks, I must say I enjoyed a very smooth and even skin texture which was noted by people at work (no kidding, when more than two people ask me how I maintain my skin, I know something is showing – having a good facial, good skincare, clean makeup base all help to enhance the look of anyone’s skin).

I think that this treatment is beneficial for those in their late 30s to early 40s.. if you are starting to show signs of wrinkles/ lines.. and you want to treat them without doing anything too drastic.. this facial will definitely help – maybe one session might be enough to boost your skin, but a couple more will yield more obvious results for sure.


SKINJEXION Facial Treatment (90 minutes, $350) is available at all Estetica Beauty Studios islandwide. It is recommended the SKINJEXION sessions are done once a week for at least four consecutive weeks.

I hope that my sharing is useful, and do share with me what are your tried and tested anti-aging methods!

Thanks for reading!



MAC Collections [September 2016]

MAC Collections [September 2016]

Hi hi

This entry is a preview of several MAC collections coming to you this September – I have selected pieces which I will use in a GRWM entry soon. Here are the details of dates and availability in Singapore:

  1. MAC Instacurl (Mascara) SG38, 26 Aug 2016 all MAC locations (permanent)
  2. MAC x Star Trek collection 2 Sept 2016, all MAC locations
  3. MAC It’s a Strike collection 9 Sept 2016, all MAC locations
  4. MAC Viva Glam Ariana Grande II 16 Sept 2016, all MAC locations
  5. MAC Studio Fix Perfecting Powder and Perfecting Stick 16 Sept 2016, all MAC locations (permanent)
  6. MAC Brow Tech and Brow Sculpt 16 Sept 2016, all MAC locations (permanent)
  7. MAC Bangin’ Brilliant – existing shade additions to lipsticks and eyeshadows 3o Sept 2016, all MAC locations

Click on the following pictures for swatches and close ups!




HI HI, This entry will feature the new CHANEL ROUGEL ALLURE INK – these are available 1 September 2016, SG$49 each.

After the Fall 2016 collection, Lucia Pucia and the Makeup Creation Studio continues to pay homage to the colour red by reintepreting its role in an original way.

ROUGE ALLURE INK is a matte liquid lip colour, which is a new style in CHANEL lipsticks – it has an extremely comfortable velvet soft texture, intense and luminous finish.  Like an ink, it instantly and weightlessly fuses with the lips to leave a lasting imprint.

The packaging is sleek, and compact, with the frosted glass case which allows you to see the actual colour of the product.  The applicator is soft and velvety, and makes for an effortless application.

I have here 5 shades with me

140 Amoureux – a beige nude which is almost just like my lip colour

144 Vivant – a red with coral undertones

148 Libere – a warm red with orangey undertone

152 Choquant – a true red with slightly blue undertone

154 Experimente – a deep red


My thoughts and comparisons:

I have been wearing these lip colours for a few weeks, and they remind me the most of the Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro – though I must say the GA ones are thicker and more intense.  But they both have that velvety matte smooth lip colour and smooth formulation in common, with the Chanel ones being more lightweight.  If compared to the NARS Velvet Lip Glide (which I reviewed here) – the Chanel ones dry and set to a more matte finish.  One thing for sure, among these three high end brands I have mentioned, they are easy to apply, and reapply – they are not the most long lasting especially compared to the new generation of matte liquid lipsticks (like the Kat Von D ones – my review here, or the MAC Retro Matte liquid lip colours, or all the other matte liquid lipsticks out there).  BUT this lack of longevity is not a bad thing. For one thing, the Chanel ones are way way more comfy to wear.  The other day I was wearing one of the ABH liquid lipsticks, and found it so dry I had to wipe them away before I even reach my destination.  But these Chanel ones, or the NARS ones, I can wear them for the whole day, and it is okay.  They won’t stain your lips, and they are easy to clean up and touch up.   I would say the Chanel lip colours will last a few hours, and they are easy to build up.

In terms of application, these can be a tad streaky, so go slowly and apply smooth even layers for a more uniformed finish.

I have enjoyed wearing these, and if you have been wanting to jump on the liquid lipsticks wagon, but put off by the crazy dry matte ones out on the market, you should definitely try out the new Chanel ones.

Chanel has released a range of safe classic colours –  not surprisingly and with the exception of a nude, the rest are various shades of red which will suit every skintone.

My top picks are 

140 Amoureux

148 Libere

152 Choquant




As you can see here, the swatches took a few minutes to dry down and appear matte.


Overall look:  All products used will be listed below – pardon my red eyes – had contact lenses issues before I took pictures.  For full information on the Chanel Le Rouge collection, click here.

I am still feeling the red eyeshadow look, so I used the Chanel 268 Candeur et Experience palette and 320 Rouge Profond blush.









All products used:


YSL Instant Moisture Glow

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet 10 Beige

Chanel Les Beiges 20

MAC Studio Fix Perfecting Stick concealer (out in Sept)


MUFE Pro Fusion Bronzer 10M

Chanel 320 Rouge Profound


MAC Join my League Eyeshadow (out in Sept)


Chanel Les 4 Ombres 268 Candeur et Experience

Chanel Illusion Ombre Velvet 132 Rouge Contraste as liner




That’s all I have for this entry, hope you find it helpful!


Thanks for reading!!