GRWM: NARS Fall 2016 & NARS Brow Defining Cream Routine

GRWM: NARS Fall 2016 & NARS Brow Defining Cream Routine


Hi hi!!

This is a look which I did, that you have seen in the previous entry featuring the NARS Velvet Lip Glides (click here to read!).  In this entry, I try to use as many of the products which I can from the new/ upcoming Fall Collection.  I will try to insert more preview pictures if possible, there are several additions – new additions to the Audacious lipsticks, new colour pencils, new contour duos… lots of new stuff.  I have shared the collection story and pictures in this entry here, so do have a read if you want to see everything else.

I am eyeing the two neutral tone dual intensity eyeshadows in this collection – Rigel and Antares – but for this entry, I just felt like giving my eyelids a light sweep of Shark Pool dual intensity eyeshadow from their Summer collection.. It is a very pretty pale irisdecent blue eyeshadow that didn’t scream the 80s on me (I hope so) but I think it brighten up my eyelids somewhat.

The highlight of this entry for me, is to feature the new brow cream and also the new contour duo.

I love the brow defining cream – it is creamy and easy to blend, reminding me of a cross between the ABH brow promade and the inglot brow creams.  The colour that I am using, which is EL DJOUF – described on the website as a light brown, but I think this is a more medium brown, not too warm, and suits me quite well.





Next, I am excited for the Contour Duo in Talia – a cooler tone contour kit which is good for pale to light skintone.  Olympia is the current one they have, it is more rosy, but if you want a more classic contour colour, you have to try out Talia.

Texture wise, the NARS contour kits have a drier texture, very fine – not a bad thing if you don’t want to go overboard with the contour.  They are easy to apply and blend.  Compare this to the powdery creamy textures of my Becca and Kat Von D shade and light powders, those go ‘pow wow’ intense on your skin that requires a bit of a panicky blending, but for these NARS ones, I find that they are more subtle, but no less intense and effective.





and the overall look:

One more time which I definitely want to pick from from this collection is the

Velvet Matte lip pencil in INFATUATED RED – described as Garnet on the site.  I swatched it at the preview session, and it was love at first swipe.


Overall, my top picks from the NARS Fall 2016 collection:

  1. Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – Infatuated Red
  2. Contour Blush – Talia
  3. Dual Intensity Eyeshadow – Antares
  4. Velvet Eyeliner – Espresso

I hope that my sharing has been helpful, and thank you for reading!


Review: MUFE Foundations (Ultra HD Stick, Concealer, Water Blend)

Review: MUFE Foundations (Ultra HD Stick, Concealer, Water Blend)


Hi hi!! This entry will be an overview of several MUF base products which I have been trying out for the past few weeks and more. All of them are currently available at MUFE pro store and also at Sephora Singapore.   So now, let’s move on to my review:

Just to start off, the MUFE foundations come in a variety of shades and undertones to suit every skintone.  I tend to go for the Y (Yellow) shades just to neutralise the redness in my skin, and if there is a neutral tone, I would also go for it too.  So if I were to eyeball my foundation shade, I usually go for the yellow lightest or second lightest shade.  The shade goes for the concealer.

I know there will be questions over how the MUFE Ultra HD stick compares with the Ultra HD Liquid foundation… I will address that further down this entry too.

Secondly, here’s the summary of all product descriptions and also the shade that I am using in each product.  I have more than one shade, but the one I listed is the one I most often reach for.

Water Blend Foundation SGD72 – I use the shade Y215 Yellow Alabaster.

Give skin a fresh, dewy glow with this unrivaled formula that feels so lightweight, sheer and comfortable. The quick and easy application makes it ideal for both the face and the body, as this water-based waterproof foundation evens out the complexion to leave a natural-looking, satin finish. Created with 80% water, this long-lasting unique water-gel texture naturally hydrates and blends in evenly for a smooth, flawless look.


ULTRA HD Foundation Stick SGD72- I use the shade Y225 Marble.

ULTRA HD stick foundation feels like a second skin and still provides medium to full coverage while looking flawless and natural. Exclusive 4K Complex guarantees invisible, natural and comfortable makeup. The creamy texture blends in seamlessly to conceal imperfections. Perfect for touch-ups, the formula glides on and makes skin look even-toned and moisturized, with a soft satin finish. Great for all skin types, even dry skin.


ULTRA HD INVISIBLE COVER CONCEALER SGD50 – I use the shade Y21 Pearl. The R32 shade that I have is too dark for me, and I don’t need to correct any undereye discolouration, for me, undereye concealer means to brighten that area, hence I use only the Y shade. 

ULTRA HD Concealer covers dark circles, unifies the eye contour and hides signs of fatigue, leaving a smooth luminous flawless finish. Exclusive 4K Complex guarantees invisible, natural and comfortable makeup. This easy-blend and long-wearing formula illuminates the eye area for a fresh look. Medium coverage. For all skin types.

Swatches of the products:


Application process:

For both foundations, I use my fingertips to apply – this is my preferred way of foundation application for a long time, and I find that I can work the product into my skin nicely without having to tug or over-buff my skin if I were to use a brush.  Also, I find that I need to use less product when I use my fingertips.  It is messy of course, but nothing that a tissue or wet wipe can’t deal with.

As you can see, the shade Y215 is quite pale, but it sheers out and blends into my skintone.. still looking a little pale, I could probably go a shade darker, but I find that Y215 works because after my bronzers/ contour, I would end up with a brighter centre of my face, and the rest of my skintone is just balanced out.

What impresses me about this formula is that it is very thin, watery and the coverage is sheer – but it is not invisible.  You can see it covers my skin surface with an almost silky finish, and it is easily built up if you need more coverage.. but the coverage will never come up to a proper full coverage.  The foundation sets almost immediately, and you have to work quickly.

I find this foundation to be very long lasting and adheres very well to the skin.  It weighs like nothing, and looks fresh throughout the day, through sweaty workouts, and still stays on strong.

If I were to compare this to other ‘water’ foundations on the market, I would say this is better than the Shu Uemura Cosmetic Water foundation, which to me, felt like a tinted water, it didnt do much for me in terms of coverage and finish.

If I were to compare the MUFE Water Blend face and body foundation to the MAC face and body foundation – I would say the MAC one has more coverage, both are equally lightweight and stays on the skin very well throughout the day.  The MUFE probably has more shades though, while the MAC one goes by N1, N2, C1, etc etc.

Overall, this is a great foundation that  I would reach for long hot days – it looks great in photos and makes you look like you have great skin naturally.  Probably the only downside is that if you have problems with skin texture, this is not the best foundation to give you that smooth flawless finish.  But if you have great skin, you just want to give your skin a smooth even tone, this foundation will take it up a notch and makes your skin look even better.


On the other side of my face, I applied the MUFE Ultra HD stick foundation – and as you can see, this is the one shade darker than the previous Y215.. this is Y225.. which is exactly my skintone, with a warm undertone.  This is easy to use, I usually just apply it straight from the tube, and use my fingers to even it out.  It has more coverage than the Water Blend for sure, and it good if you have spots to cover.  I find it easy to build up on areas where necessary, and it is creamy enough for you to blend and apply.

If I were to compare the ULTRA HD Liquid to the ULTRA HD stick, I must say that I still prefer the liquid foundation.  It seems to last longer on me and I think that the stick foundation – while it is easy to use, seems a little more emollient, which is fine if you have normal to dry skin.  But if you have normal/ combination/ oily skin, you might want to go for the ULTRA HD Liquid foundation.

Again this is another foundation which photographs beautifully, giving your skin a very smooth finish.  I like this foundation, but if I have to choose, I would go for the liquid, and also the waterblend, both of which lasted longer on me throughout the day.

If you want a a review of my MUFE ULTRA HD liquid foundation, you can find it in this entry here – CLICK.

(note that eventually I sort of meshed the two sides of my face foundation together before I set my foundation…)


As for the ULTRA HD concealer, I really like how the product comes out, the opening is a rounded ‘glob’ which dispenses the right amount of product.  I think that this is a great undereye brightener if you pick the right shade, on me, this doesn’t look dry nor cakey, though I have come across reviews that it looks cakey for people who have drier or more mature skin than me.  The coverage is pretty intense for something for undereyes, but I don’t mind.  It is quite long lasting, and it is only after the 7 or 8 hour mark that I would notice a bit of lifting and fading of the concealer.  This I usually manage by just dabbing the area and reblending the patches.  Usually by that time I would be going home soon and washing off my makeup anyway.


Would you be keen to read an overview of my rotation of undereye concealer/ bases?  I realise I am rotating several that I have been loving, so I think that would be interesting to share. 

Here’s an overall look – and what else I did to complete everything:

on the rest of the face,

I set with RCMA transparent loose powder

brows filled in with ABH Medium Brown, and also with Shu Uemura brow powder duo in Seal Brown

eyes done using Vise Art Theory palette in Minx, and lined with Kat Von D liquid liner in Trooper

for lips I am wearing Colourpop Satin Liquid lipstick in Echo Park

cheeks/ bronzer, I am using MUFE Sculpting Kit 02, followed by MUFE Pro Sculpting Duo 02 as a bronzing blush colour.






Hope you find this entry helpful, and thank you for reading!:)

Review & Swatches: NARS Velvet Lip Glide

Review & Swatches: NARS Velvet Lip Glide

I have a teaser post for you today, featuring the new NARS Velvet Lip Glide – these will only launch in SG around October, so this is a really early sneak peak.  I have the chance to play and swatch the colours in this collection and also share with you my thoughts on how they perform.

Before we go on, here is the collection story:

This season, NARS takes lips to a whole new level with the new Velvet Lip Glide. The new lip color strikes the perfect balance between softness and strength, coverage and comfort in a full range of colors. Laced with NARS’ Oil Infusion Complex, this hybrid lip color combines the fluidity and effortlessness of a gloss with the coverage and comfort of a lipstick. Oil Infusion Complex allows for a smooth-glide effect, instantly delivering saturated color with sensorial comfort. The new doe foot applicator offers a plush application delivering effortlessly nourished lips and intense color. Named after the iconic venues and new attitude that emerged from the sexual revolution of the ‘70s, Velvet Lip Glide shade names capture the freedom of personal power and play.


Swatches on my hand: 



and swatches on my lips: 

My top picks?

Unlaced – this is the sexist pale lipstick that doesn’t look like death.. it is like a chic mannequin skin colour on me

Bound – that rosy blush nude shade never gets old

No 54 – this is a sexy red, love!

Deviant – deeper red, very flattering


My thoughts on these:

I have to say that this is a very interesting formula – at first swatch, I thought they were just pigmented lip gloss.  I didn’t get the ‘velvet’ at all in this formula… and I thought ‘why don’t they make the lip covers from the summer collection permanent because those felt more liquidy less slippery’.. until I really had a chance to explore them and also to apply on my lips.  It takes a while for the velvet lip glide to set on your lips.. and they set into this soft velvety finish – which you can see, the transition from the glossy look in the lip swatches into the velvety in the overall face shots.  They all feel quite comfortable, and they apply very very smoothly.  I won’t compare these nor put them in the same category as the endless supply of liquid lipsticks saturating the lipstick market at the moment.  They might be a tad similar to the Giorgio Armani maestro lip colours.  The pale neutral shades are beautiful in this formula, and the bolder shades are really chic and don’t slip and slide all over the place.

In terms of lasting power, I have to say they don’t last that long – not that they are really marketed as bulge proof or long lasting –  and touching up and reapplication is necessary.  But they are easy to wipe off, and easy to re apply.  If you are prone to dry lips, and you want to try out something easy to wear.. you have to try these out.

Everything else on the face is also NARS.. but I forgot what I wore.. it has been weeks since the pictures were taken and processed.

Most likely the NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint, Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Pool Shark, Brow Gel (which I will review in another entry), and Gilda (or Lovejoy?) blush… and Laguna bronzer Hot sands highlighter. Lashes – Huda Beauty Lashes in -1 Gisele.


Notice how in these full face shots, the lip colors have set to a more of a almost soft matte finish, very very nice!!








I hope my review has been helpful and thanks for reading!

Pilates & Facial at Phillip Wain Singapore

Pilates & Facial at Phillip Wain Singapore

Last week, I was very kindly hosted by Phillip Wain Singapore to experience a couple of their fitness and beauty services – a personalised one to one Pilates training and also a relatively new facial treatment.

After spending the afternoon the their sprawling location at Mandarin Hotel, I must say it is indeed a lovely experience – and clearly a hidden luxe spot located in the heart of Orchard Road that many of the women who were also during the afternoon I was there (don’t they have to work? )there know about.  Think of it as a rather private club – you get your workouts done, after that enjoy the facilities there (which includes a very well designed shower area, steam rooms, spacious locker rooms/ changing area), have a freshly prepared healthy meal, juices and other beverages.  Then after this chilling out session, you can opt for their comprehensive body or facial treatments.


Such services definitely don’t come cheap, and I hope that my sharing will show you that it is worth the investment to enjoy the facilities and treatments that are offered at Phillip Wain – plus you get to enjoy your very own trial sessions at a discounted price before you decide to commit to any of the packages they have. (ps, not to worry, I was assured that hard selling is not their style.)

Let’s start with the one to one Pilates session with my trainer for the afternoon, Louisa – she is encouraging, firm and pushes me (in the nicest way possible) to do my best.  It was one of the best hours I have spent – I learnt about about my alignment when it comes to doing certain moves – which I feel greatly benefitted me when it comes to my own yoga practice.  I found myself aching in places I wished I had paid more attention to when I am exercising.  And I am happy that I pushed myself to stretch, lift and hold for as much as I did.  I am certainly open to the idea of incorporating more Pilates into my own workouts in the near future.  The personal attention and coaching certainly helped, especially when it comes to maintaining my form on the reformer machine, every micro adjustment made a difference to which parts of my body I am working on.  It was amazing, and I truly enjoyed it.

(btw, are you all keen to read more about my workout routine and stuff?  I am by no means any health nut or whatever, but I am pretty amazed at what I am willing to try these days, and maybe also just a update on my current weight/ workout situation, do let me know in the comments!)


After a shower, and a quick rest/catching up with my host Eugenia, it was time for my facial.  I told the team at Phillip Wain to pick the any facial which I should try, with a focus on anti-aging and hydration.  So I got to try out the 90-minute Aqua EX3 Face Spa – which is a lifting, hydrating and whitening treatment making use of snail mucin essence.


The treatment started with a thorough cleansing of my skin – and then the chemical and mechanical peeling using the Aqua EX3 machine, this part is very relaxing with the suction tubes gently this was massage onto  my skin after cleansing and some much needed pore extraction (which is really optional but I was feeling adventurous and yolo, hence the redness around my nose post facial).  I fell asleep during this part of the treatment, and that’s what my therapist told me.Next, is the mask, which is freshly mixed and looked like a durian paste in terms of texture and colour but smells much more pleasant and soothing concoction which left my skin really smooth and radiant for the next few days after.


(and a freshly facial-ed face – not the most ideal showcase, I am aware, but my skin gets really red easily from plucking and poking, but but but I hope you get the idea of how clear everywhere else looked.. and also, ignore the rather sleepy eyes)


And another pic, this is already evening time, after a almost 4 hours at the place, all freshened up and well worked out.

I hope that you enjoyed my sharing, and I think that the whole experience is definitely worth a try.  You get access to the facilities when you sign up for their fitness package, or when you sign up for their personalised workout classes, and if you are wanting to start some form of workout in a more private and non-intimidating setting, I think you can’t go wrong with what Phillip Wain has to offer.

And if you want to experience what I have just shared, here’s a special price promo for you:

From now til 30 Sept 2016, quote ‘Sophia Ng’ to enjoy a 60 minutes Pilates personal training at SG$78 and/ora 90 minutes Aqua EX3 Face Spa at SG$78.  This means a total of less than $200 for everything, and I highly recommend you to go for it – try it out, before you decide if the package is what you want.  This promotion is only for new female customers aged 21 above, and T&Cs apply. 

To book an appointment or enquire, please call 6250 0100. Or you can visit them at Mandarin Orchard Hotel (Mandarin Gallery), Level 7 via lift 6 & 7.

Link to Phillip Wain website – click here

Thank you for reading!









Hi hi!

This entry will be a preview/ review/ getting ready with me entry on the pieces I got from the Chanel Le Rouge collection No1 – currently available!

As the name states, this is a collection all about RED… and Chanel does red so sexily, so elegantly and so effortlessly.  I love how this collection is all red tones, yet wearable, and so classic.  For story information – please click on this entry here

Just a quick overview of the products which really stood out to me:

  1. JOUES CONTRASTE Rouge Profond – this red blusher is intense, and you want to be careful with it, I like the soft satin finish of the blush, and gives your cheeks a healthy flush
  2. LES 4 OMBRES Candeur et Expérience – this palette is very wearable – the highlight of this palette is the red of course, and it has just the right amount of brown in it to not scream crazy red eyes when you use it, which is not a good look.  In my LOTD I used the red mainly on my eyelids – and I blended it out up to the crease with the softer browns in this palette.  The result is a reddish toned neutral eye – not cranberry toned (which is redder I guess?) which I sometimes try to do and always end up not liking it.  It is quite a made up look, but if you want to tone it down, you can always go for the 3 other browns in the palette.  The quality of each shade is very fine, and there is no detectable shimmer/ glitter bits at all.
  3. STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF Éros – this is a very soft creamy metallic red eyeliner.  I used this to lightly line my lower lids.  It stayed on pretty well for several hours, and goes on really smoothly.
  4. ILLUSION D’OMBRE VELVET Rouge Contraste – this is a deep dark reddish brown eyeshadow, and I used it to line my upper lids.  You can use it as a base of course, for a really intense smokey eyes, but I am not really into dark smokey eyes, and this works great to define your eyes when you use a liner brush to apply.
  5. LE VERNIS GLOSS Rouge Radical – this is very cute, like a more playful version of your usual red nail polish colour.  One coat gives you a jelly glassy effect, and the colour payoff is pretty intense for a ‘gloss’.  LE VERNIS Rouge Puissant is a rich red that is opaque in one coat, though I would apply two for maximum shine.
  6. All the Rouge Allure Velvet – they are all gorgeous interpretations of the red colour, and each of them have subtle differences in their undertone. I personally prefer ROUGE ALLURE VELVET Rouge Feu which is a soft matte bright cherry red.  My sister loves the formula and colour of the ROUGE ALLURE Rouge Tentation which is a creamier formula, and the shade is a deeper red which she prefers.
  7. LE CRAYON LÈVRES Séduction which is a beautiful red lip pencil.  It glides on smoothly, and the colour will go with many red lippies that you already have.. especially those reds with a berry deeper tone.  It also blends it nicely without leaving a harsh line.

Bottom line:

Overall, this is a stunning collection with wearable reds that will flatter most skintones.  If I have to pick three items from this collection, I would go for the eyeshadow quad – it is really unique, intense and offers endless possibilities for wearing.  I would also pick the lip pencil – it is such a fancy thing to do, holding a Chanel pencil in your hand, filling in your lips.  Lastly, you got pick at least one of the Rouge Allure, there will be at least one which appeals to you.. and well, I can’t have enough Chanel red lipsticks.. hehe.











Here are the swatches: 





Some application pictures:


Everything else I used on my face:






That’s all for this entry, and I hope you find this overview useful! Thank you for reading!

NEW Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

NEW Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks


Hi hi!  Sharing with you my overall thoughts on the new Urban Decay Vice lipsticks which are just launched at Sephora this weekend.  I had the chance to preview and play with these lipsticks for a while, and I shall share with you with are my faves.


Just a few quick facts before we move on:

SG$29 each – this is a darn good price point, and you can easily grab a few without feeling like you have spent a bomb… and with over 100 shades, you definitely will want to get more than a couple.

six finishes

  1. COMFORT MATTE – creamy matte * this is my fave formula among all
  2. CREAM – this is like the previous Revolution lipsticks, they are creamy and intense, slight sheen
  3. Metallized – Imagine the CREAM LIPSTICKS, packed with glitter/ shimmer
  4. SHEER – this is the old Sheer Revolution, depending on your colour choice, the nude ones are really see through, while the bolder shades still pack decent colour payoff
  5. SHEER SHIMMER – this is the sheer sister of the Metallized finish
  6. MEGA MATTE – this is like a liquid lipstick in a tube, but  more comfortable to wear.  I am impressed.

The lipsticks are formulated with their trademark PIGMENT INFUSION SYSTEM – which gives the lipsticks super creamy texture and rich colour payoff. They comfort and hydrate, and never leave your lips dry.  They also contain extracts of Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Babassu oils to soften your lips.

Here’s a closer look at the packaging, which is sleek, not bulky at all, and shaped like a bullet – most of you would have seen the pic of me on my IG, wearing a whole load of these lipsticks in a bullet strap at Sephora.. hehe – I personally find them easy to pop into your small bags for touching up on the go.

My thoughts – as I have already mentioned – not all the six finishes are going to appeal to everyone.  The sheer shimmer are almost like lipstick toppers – but I won’t def wear them on their own.  Some of the metallized ones are like frosty lipsticks – not exactly attractive to me, as you will see in one of the shades below.

Your best bet would be to go for the CREAM, CREAMY MATTE, and/or even the MEGA MATTE – the latter, I find that they feel dry at first touch, but as you glide them over your lips over and over, somehow they seem to warm up a bit and melt into your lips, giving your lips a very smooth, matte look.  I must say they are really beautiful.

The shades that I love love love out of this bunch, and from more that I have swatched and explored are

  1. Rock Steady – C
  2. 714 – MM
  3. Rush – C
  4. LIAR – C
  5. Hitchhike – CM

I love that they have kept some of the classic shades, like Naked, Menace, and brought back Mrs Mia Wallace as a permanent addition to the collection.  Got to love some brand heritage here.:)

In terms of longevity, this really depends on the finish, the sheer ones will require more touching up throughout the day, but the CM, and MM formula will definitely stay on much longer.  I also like how the Cream formula really glide on your lips and deliver full colour payoff in one swipe.





Here are swatches on my lips:




And some of my faves overall:

On the rest of my face I am using









I hope this entry has been helpful, and thank you for reading!

NARS Fall 2016 Colour Collection

NARS Fall 2016 Colour Collection


Fall 2016 Color Collection

Velvet Eyeliner

NARSissist Dual-Intensity Blush Palette


Audacious Collection

  • Audacious Lipstick *Shade Extensions
  • Brow Defining Cream
  • Unrestricted Eyeliner Stylo


Velvet Lip Glide


NARS Fall 2016 Color Collection Campaign Visual - jpeg.jpg

The Story Behind the Fall Colour Collection

Fall into power. Make a strong statement with a sophisticated new look that’s as
singular as it is stylish. Created by NARS Founder and Creative Director, François
Nars, the Fall 2016 Color Collection debuts a refined combination of seasonal
shades, signatures colors and state-of-the-art textures for eyes, cheeks and lips.
Cheeks are sculpted to new heights by complexion-enhancing hues from light
caramel to espresso. Lids shimmer with shades of iridescent white, rose gold,
and deep indigo, while lips go matte in saturated tones of garnet and bordeaux.
New Velvet Eyeliners add rich dimension with pigments that glide on smooth and
blend evenly creating the perfect base for smoky lids or a fine line for a bold look.
The Fall 2016 campaign image features model-of-the-moment, Aya Jones.
Raised in Paris and of African descent, Jones was personally selected by
François Nars not just for her stunning beauty but because she is the epitome
of today’s confident, cosmopolitan young woman.
To create the campaign look, skin was prepped with Pore Refining Primer and
the complexion was evened with Velvet Matte Skin Tint SPF 30 in Annapurna.
Caramel Radiant Creamy Concealer was blended under eyes and as needed
to blur any imperfections. The right side of Melina Contour Blush was swept
into the hollows of the cheeks and Orgasm Blush was brushed along the
cheekbones for added dimension.
For eyes, the café au lait side of Melina Contour Blush was applied in the crease
and below the brow bone. The espresso shade was brushed softly along the
brow bone. Next, Blondie Matte Eyeshadow was blended along the lower lash
line and the inner corner of the eye was brightened with Antares Dual-Intensity
Eyeshadow. Black Moon Velvet Eyeliner was traced along the upper and lower
lash line and Las Pozas Velvet Eyeliner was used along the waterline of the
lower lashes to further accentuate the eye. Brows were defined with Brow
Defining Cream in El Djouf and Oural Brow Gel. Finally, lashes were finished
with two generous coats of Audacious Mascara for added length and volume.
To complete the look, lips were lined with Jungle Red Lip Liner Pencil and
topped with Consuming Red Velvet Matte Lip Pencil blended with a fingertip to
a soft finish.
NARS Fall 2016 Color Collection Stylized Image - jpeg.jpg
Shimmering rose gold
Iridescent white gold
Shimmering deep indigo
Limited Edition
Left Side: Café au lait; Right Side: Espresso
Left Side: Light caramel; Right Side: Nutmeg
Rich Hazelnut
Turquoise Blue
Stormy Grey
White Pearl